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Shoreline Garden

Shoreline Garden

We have seen bees, butterflies, and birds taking advantage of the Shoreline Garden – the smorgasbord of native blooms has the place hopping with activity!

The Garden was installed in cooperation with the Environment Council of Clear, Stoney, and White Lakes as a model for locals to show how to naturalize shorelines.  This demonstration project has paid dividends because not only has it stabilized our shoreline, but there is also less runoff into the lake thereby protecting water quality and water inhabitants, and it provides habitat for insects and animals!

Our summer team of Alyssa and Micheal have kept an eye on its progress and report pulling some unwelcome guests such as vetch or horsetail, but otherwise they have just let nature handle it – nature we know, knows best.

Thank you to Lois Wallace who led the Council volunteer team – Jackie Hodge, Brenda Bunker, Trish Jamieson, Wendy & Howard Zelsman, and Maureen Scott.  They helped prep the garden back in May and June!

If you are interested in learning more about what was done to create the Garden, or if you would like a tour, please contact Susan – – and we’ll be glad to help!