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Why Donate?

As a charitable, non-profit organization, Camp Kawartha relies on donations to deliver our programs, services, and mission. Scroll to learn more about the different funds that you can help support.

Summer Camp Subsidy

Research has demonstrated that children are spending ever greater amounts of time indoors, on average spending 7½ hours per day in front of a glowing screen – watching television, glued to computers or gaming systems, tablets or smartphones. An entire generation of children are largely being raised indoors. Summer is a significant window of opportunity to get children outdoors.

Children from lower-income families have a lesser likelihood of attending a summer camp. The current economic climate can be challenging for families, and many are just getting by. While we keep our costs as low as possible, summer camp fees are simply out of reach for many children in need.

At Camp Kawartha, as a not-for-profit charity, our mission is to provide camping opportunities for as many children as possible. We reach out to families through a special fund dedicated to sponsoring kids in need. Over 10% of our total camping population receives assistance from this fund.

Outdoor Education Subsidy

Studies have shown that exposure to nature raises test scores, increases creativity, cooperation and self-confidence, as well as enhancing cognitive abilities and improvements to overall health. The best means of fostering these ‘natural’ advantages in our children is to immerse them in natural settings, to provide them with opportunities to explore, to play and to learn about the very life systems which sustain us all.

We strive to provide all students with rich interactions with the natural world. Ecological programming, natural and human history, and stewardship opportunities combined with our outdoor recreational programming (archery, night hikes, games, climbing wall etc.) immerse students, and foster an understanding and love for the outdoors, and for nature, that will endure long into adulthood.

Help us welcome students whose socio-economic situation would deprive them of this opportunity to visit our Outdoor Education Centre. Your donation will help open a world of learning and a shared experience.

kids following tracks in snow
children planting trees

Capital Improvements

There are so many issues facing children today, from climate change to habitat destruction, and from pollution to overpopulation. It is easy to become discouraged in the face of what seems like a bleak future. At Camp Kawartha, we believe that environmental education is an act of hope. We can inspire children to become active caretakers of their own communities by showing what effective, sustainable living looks like and by teaching them to appreciate, protect and enhance the living systems that nurture us all.

Every child at every age can engage in simple acts of green. Whether it means creating a pollinator garden or planting a tree – whether it means naturalizing a shoreline or finding ways to become more energy efficient, we all can make our communities more nature rich and our lives more sustainable. At Camp Kawartha, we want to foster the next generation of environmental leaders. Camp Kawartha also recognizes it takes a village to foster stewardship. This is work that we cannot undertake alone.

This is why we are inviting you to join us on our journey as we work towards our future. Camp Kawartha is preparing to undertake a $3.5M capital campaign to support our vision of becoming a provincial leader in the delivery of environmental and outdoor education programming.

Area of Greatest Need

In many instances, unforeseen events have greatly affected CK’s ability to carry on operating as usual. The major windstorm in the spring of 2022 knocked down over 400 trees on our main site, destroying many buildings in the process. During this time, donations to our Area of Greatest Need campaign were absolutely pivotal to our success in rebuilding and restoring the property before the start of the Summer Camp season.

In another case, the COVID-19 pandemic brought many obstacles to scheduling and delivering Outdoor Education programming due to the social distancing mandates. Support through the Area of Greatest Need funds enabled the Camp to develop and execute creative new ways to deliver environmental learning initiatives and avoid shutting down entirely.

If you would like to help us continue tackling unexpected challenges and accomplishing major projects that require immediate support, please consider contributing to this campaign.


Damage to cabin from fallen tree