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Summer Camp

The Camp Kawartha Difference

Camp Kawartha has been providing magical camps for children since 1921. We’ve won multiple awards for our work in camping and outdoor learning. Our small size, our high staff to camper ratio and our emphasis on fostering stewardship means that campers learn to care for one another and the earth we all share. Fun, fellowship and joy is infused in everything we do.

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Day Camp (Ages 4-11)

Overnight Camps (Ages 8-15)

Canoeing & Adventure (Ages 10-16)

Leadership Programs (Ages 15-17)


Camp Kawartha’s dynamic staff or skilled professionals and young adults go that extra mile to be positive role models for campers.


Connecting children to nature, providing them with the skills to appreciate the outdoors and to practice stewardship, is at the very heart of Camp Kawartha’s programming. And environmental awareness is an ethic we incorporate into everything we do from the food we serve to the way we maintain our facilities.


We encourage campers to live, work and play cooperatively, to recognize and value each other’s strengths and learn from our differences.


Our goal is to create a supportive community which recognizes and values every child. Our small size means we get to know each and every camper.

a hand holding a candle stick shielding it from the wind, in the background there are several other students also holding candles
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{It makes me happy to see my daughter come back from camp with a newly learned skill and lots of stories about her adventures. Last year, she learned how to play the guitar at camp. This year, she conquered the challenging middle rock wall. The counsellors are all very positive & supportive; it's a great place for building self-confidence!
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{Because our kids have some anxiety or social issues, we were worried about how they would do or if they would stay the whole week. The camp had some great strategies to help the kids feel comfortable and overcome challenges. It all worked out great and we're very appreciative parents!
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{My kids look forward to Camp Kawartha and it is the best part of their summer. When I go to pick them up after 2 weeks they don't want to come home! They gain lots of confidence and build their self-esteem at camp. I'm impressed with the depth of relationships they make and all the activities they do at camp.
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{Nicholas had a very positive, eventful and well rounded experience in the PLC program. He developed a stronger skillset for both physical activities as well as respect and responsibility. Great program and super fun time as always!
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{Our girls have such a great experience that they continue to fight on how many weeks each one gets!
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{My kids just love this camp. Every year they want to stay for longer and they are very difficult to extract on pickup day!
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{Max came back from Camp Kawartha taller, trimmer, more tanned, and more sure of himself than ever. He loved the opportunity to go tripping, to get training in first aid and water rescues, and to participate in some leadership experiences. He didn't miss his phone! Warm, challenging, formative experiences that I would recommend for any young teen.
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{"Lauren spent 4 weeks outdoors doing a variety of fun activities with new friends from all over. It is such a great experience. As a parent of a teen I can not recommend it more. It is the best investment in our child we have made over the years."
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