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Our Summer Camp Team

Our Directors

Summer Camp Director

Emma Robert (Geller, She/Her)

This summer will be Emma’s 9th summer at Camp Kawartha, and third summer in the role of Summer Camp Director!

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Emma started at Camp Kawartha as a camper when she was seven years old (she was in Maple!) and has been coming to camp ever since! Over the years at Camp Kawartha, Emma has been a camper, CSD, LIT, Camp Counsellor, Resource Specialist, Program Director, and Assistant Director. She is thrilled to be acting as the current Summer Camp Director, and loves to see the magical connection that forms between the camp community and the natural world each summer. She graduated from University of Windsor in 2020, with a degree in Drama in Education and Community, and a minor in Developmental Psychology. Having grown up spending summers at Camp Kawartha, Emma has a passion for foraging, fire building, and celebrating the changing seasons. Outside of Camp, Emma enjoys embroidery, knitting, and running!

You can reach Geller year-round by emailing or texting/calling 647-963-6206.

Healthcare Coordinator

Andrea Lewis (Kitty, She/Her)

With a background in peadatric nursing, Andrea stepped into the role of the Healthcare Coordinator in the Summer of 2023, and oversees the Summer Healthcare Program! 

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Andrea started out her Camp Kawartha journey as a camper in the late 1990’s/early 2000’s! She was a camper, counsellor and the Leader in Training Director at Camp Kawartha before she became a Registered Nurse in 2009. Andrea spent much of her nursing career in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at SickKids, and she now works part time in the PRHC Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Her favourite parts about working with the camp are being surrounded by nature, her friendly down-to-earth colleagues, using her nursing skills in a creative and unique way, and witnessing the spirit of camp through all the children who attend, including her own!

To reach Andrea, you can email her at or check our our healthcare page for more healthcare related information!

Assistant Summer Camp Director

Sadie Snell (Ridgely, She/Her)

After three fantastic years as Managing Director, this summer will be Sadie’s first summer as Assistant Summer Camp Director!

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Ridgely has been working at Camp Kawartha for the past 7 years and is stepping into the role of Assistant Summer Camp Director this year! She comes from a long line of Camp Kawartha staff members – starting with her Great-grandmother who was a Camp Nurse in the 1950’s, and her mom who was a counsellor in the 1990’s! Ridgely started at Camp Kawartha as a camper, and eventually started on staff as a prep cook, before moving on to become a counsellor, counselling specialist, and three summers as the Managing Director. During the year, Ridgely is a student at Trent University, studying Sustainable Agriculture. In 2023, she helped to create the Canoe Gardens – blending together her love of camp for her love of locally grown, fresh fruits and vegetables! Ridgely is so excited to be connecting with our campers and their families this year in her first summer as Assistant Summer Camp Director!

To contact Sadie, you can reach out to

Assistant Summer Camp Director

Hilary Cooper (Dilworth, She/Her)

Hilary has been LIT Director, Head Counsellor, and will be coming back to CK this year as one of our two Assistant Summer Camp Directors!

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Hilary has had 6 fantastic summers at Camp Kawartha and is stoked to be an Assistant Summer Camp Director this summer! Hilary began as an older camper at Camp Kawartha and did one year as a camper before moving into our Leadership programs. In her time on staff, Hilary has been a counsellor, assistant leadership director, LIT Director, and Head Counsellor. Her roots at Camp Kawartha go way back to her grandfather – who was one of the original founding Director’s of Camp Kawartha! Since starting on staff at Camp Kawartha, Hilary has created her own legacy through the scores of campers she has led and inspired through their leadership years! During the year, Hilary studies Outdoor Adventure Leadership in the Concurrent Education program at Laurentian University. She’s looking forward to sunny days back on Clear Lake, and making memories to last a lifetime this summer at Camp Kawartha in her first summer as Assistant Summer Camp Director!

For questions, you can reach Hilary at

Leadership Coordinator

Andrew Petralis (Graumis, He/Him)

With years of expierence in our Counsellor Skills Development program, this summer Andrew will be stepping into the role of Leadership Coordinator and LIT Director!

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Graumis has had five fantastic Summers at Camp Kawartha! For the past two years, Graumis has been a director for the Counsellor Skills Development program – and this year, he’s stepping into the role of Leadership Coordinator and LIT Director! When he’s not at camp, Graumis studies history at York University, and is working towards a minor in French! He is planning to pursue teacher’s college after getting his degree. In recent years, Graumis has been contributing to Camp Kawartha’s Truth and Reconciliation efforts through working to create education programs for our leadership campers about the original caretakers of the land where Camp Kawartha is situated. Graumis can’t wait for another fantastic summer at Camp Kawartha!

To reach Graumis, you can email him at

Why Camp Names?

A camp name is a reputation, and a right of passage to becoming Camp Kawartha staff. More than a title, it becomes a definition of a staff’s character. It also protects the privacy of that staff member. The camp is happy to share the real names of our staff at a parent’s request.

Senior Staff

Our Senior Staff team members aree responsible for overseeing and managing the major areas, programs, and operations of Camp Kawartha throughout the summer season. Our most experienced members of staff, the Senior Staff team is well-versed in managing camper safety and wellbeing, and supporting the rest of our staff team throughout the day to day operations. Members of our senior staff team include:

  • Assistant Summer Camp Directors
  • Leadership Directors (CSD, LIT, and Wilderness Directors)
  • Environmental Director
  • Area Directors (Waterfront Director, Canoe Tripping Director, Program Director, Ropes Director)
  • Head Counsellors (Responsible for camper support)
  • Managing Director
  • Day And Kinder Camp Director


Our specialist positions include activity specialists, leadership specialists, counselling specialists, trippers, and more. Depending on the role, specialist staff may be responsible for overseeing an activity area or working closely with a senior staff member to deliver a program for a group of campers. Specialists are responsible for the operations of our areas, and help to create incredible programming for campers all day!


Our canoe trippers facilitate and lead our wilderness excursions at Camp Kawartha! As Wilderness Advanced First Aid certified staff members, our Canoe trippers are equipped to lead canoe trips in a safe, fun, and memorable way!

Day Camp

Our fantastic Day Camp team runs the Day and Kinder Camp programs at Camp Kawartha! They work with our youngest campers to provide awesome experiences that give day campers the opportunity to enjoy what Camp Kawartha has to offer! Our Day Camp team includes our Day and Kinder Camp directors, specialists, and counsellors!


For many staff members, working as a counsellor is their first experience as a part of the Camp Kawartha staff team, and something they have been looking forward to for years as a camper! Our counselling team includes cabin counsellors, tripping counsellors, and day camp or kinder camp counsellors. Our counsellors are the foundation of what we do at camp, as they are directly responsible for the experience of their campers! Our counsellors shape the day-to-day experience of our campers, and create countless magical moments throughout the summer.


Our fantastic nurses help to manage the health and wellbeing of everyone at Camp Kawartha! Situated in our beautiful Health Centre, they take care of the bumps, scrapes, and bruises that happen from time to time! You can read more about our fabulous healthcare team here.


Our fantastic kitchen staff work round the clock to keep our campers fed, healthy, and nourished! All together, our Kitchen Staff prepare over 1200 individual meals and snacks a day when Summer Camp is in operation! Our Kitchen staff works to incorporate environmentalism into our Camp meal service, as they plan meals that are as local and sustainably sourced as possible!

Office Administration (Year-Round Staff)

Hannah Taylor
Administrative Assistant
Serhii Chlek
Summer Camp Registrar
Sue R.
Susan Ramey
Clear Lake Site Registrar - Outdoor Education, Groups & Team Building
Mira Cantor
Marketing and Fundraising Specialist