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Frequently Asked Questions


Can I 'hold' a date until I'm sure we can attend?

Yes, you can put a hold on a set of dates, however, your booking is only considered definite when we have a signed contract and your deposit. Until that point, we reserve the right to create a queue for those dates and can offer it to another teacher if we do not receive your contract and deposit at least three months before.

Fees and Payments

How much does it cost for teachers/supervisors?

We like a ratio of one supervisor for every six students (1:6).  If you stay within that ratio those supervisors are free of charge.  If you go above that ratio, then each extra supervisor will pay half of the fee the students are paying.

What are the costs?

You can find out our cost per student by visiting our Outdoor Education main page (Click Here).

How do we pay?

You can pay your deposit by sending a cheque made out Camp Kawartha and mailed to 1010 Birchview Road, Douro-Dummer, ON   K0L 2H0 or you can send an EFT to with your school name as a notation.  The balance should be paid after the final invoice is issued by the Registrar.


Is there a cabin just for teachers and supervisors?

The Staff House (sleeps six) is available for teachers and/or supervisors.  Some schools prefer to have teachers/supervisors in the cabins with the students and if that is preferred, that works too.

Do the cabins have their own washroom facilities?

No, they do not have their own washrooms. There is a shared facility in the centre of the Camp that has accessible toilets, sinks and showers. The Staff House is the only cabin with a washroom (toilet, sink, shower).

Do you provide overnight supervision and patrols of the site?

We do not provide overnight supervision for your students – that is your responsibility.  We have a ‘host’ on site throughout your stay to help with questions or emergencies.  If you require patrols, you should create a shift system so your supervisors can walk the site.

Are the cabins heated and what are the sleeping arrangements?

Our cabins are fully insulated and have electrical baseboard heating for those colder months. Each cabin has bunkbeds with vinyl-covered mattresses, so everyone must bring their own bedding. In the Teacher Planning Guide there is a cabin allocation sheet, and you can decide who goes in which cabin.


How many students can attend at one time?

In the fall and spring, we can welcome as many as 100 students plus supervisors at a time. In the winter, because of the increase in gear taking up space, there is ample space for up to 75 students plus supervisors.

How do you manage food allergies and special dietary needs?

Our Kitchen Staff take food allergies and dietary needs into account when preparing any meal or snack. In our Teaching Planning Guide is a list that we will ask you to complete outlining any dietary restrictions.

Do you offer water-based activities such as canoeing or swimming?

We can offer waterfront activities, however, the availability of this type of programming is based on the availability of our NLS guards.  We require two certified lifeguards to meet OPHEA requirements.  Also, availability is set for September up to Thanksgiving weekend and in May and June only.  This restriction is in place to account for water temperature.

Do your staff have any credentials?

Yes, all our staff are required to have current First Aid/CPR/AED certification. Most of our intructors are teacher trained. All are experienced educators. We follow and comply with all OPEA standards. Kitchen staff are required to have their Food Handlers certification.