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Team Building



Camp Kawartha’s team-building sessions, led by award-winning educators, offer revitalizing activities to energize your team and promote positive communication and motivation strategies, essential for navigating today’s fast-paced environment.

Our Programs

Each session lasts 2.5 hours. The Challenge by Adventure programs are only available at our site. The On the Ground Challenge programs are available either at our site or, we can come to you!

Challenge by Adventure

Reach Higher…

Our unique high ropes, low ropes courses and our fully accessible climbing wall will help your staff reach higher. We have more than 13 challenge elements each with unique features designed to help your team discover the value of trust, the power of support and the potential of y our committed and dedicated team. All efforts are honoured and celebrated – no matter how big or small! Whether sailing high on our Flying Squirrel or navigating the ever-shifting Dangle-A -Maze, participants experience the thrill of real adventure and learn first-hand how an ethic of striving creates tangible and lasting results. Our award-winning staff are fully trained and exceed all industry standards in safety protocols. Themes we explore in our Challenge by Adventure program include:

• Fostering trust, honouring personal goals

• Learning how to provide meaningful support

• Strategies for effective communication

On the Ground Challenge

Strengthen your Team…

We offer up a series of creative problem-solving tasks. Each task becomes progressively more difficult as the program unfolds. And every task is associated with a particular theme. For example: strategic thinking, effective communication, leadership and, of course, co-operation. We use a number of innovative debriefing strategies to explore and unpack these themes.

Here are just a few examples of Camp Kawartha’s innovative team-building activities:

Lycra Tube – The Human Sling Shot

This stretchy material made of lycra, slips around the backs of 4 to 6 participants. When participants push back on the tube, the momentum “flings” participants across the tube. We handle this in a safe and supportive way.

Some of the themes we explore during this activity are:

• The value of clear and precise communication. What kind of language facilitates positive dialogue between group members? What types of phrases are known for creating barriers to positive dialogue?

• The importance of anticipating needs and being mindful of the needs and abilities of others.

• Recognizing the power and potential of active and reflective listening.

Electric Grid

Your Team needs to figure out a predetermined passage through a grid of nylon webbing which is laid flat on the ground. Watch out – there is only one way through and only one person can navigate at a time! A wrong step and someone else needs to take over. Team members can offer up suggestions. How long will it take your team?


• The power and potential of collective thinking.

• Importance of focusing on a given task.

• How to link together various modes of thinking into a cohesive whole.

Group Drawing

Each participant holds onto a single rope attached to a disk (12 ropes in all). Embedded in the disk is a marker. Participants must work together to draw a picture or write a phrase provided by the instructor. Participants may not touch the disk with their hands.


• Aligning our purpose. How can a team agree on common goals? What is the danger of too many independent players on a team?

• Coordinating our efforts. Synchronizing our efforts leads to a stronger, more productive team.

Programming Options

1. One Program Only  

Choose either Challenge by Adventure OR On the Ground Challenge. Each session is 2.5 hours long and includes a snack.

Number of Participants Cost
8 to 10 $400
11 to 20 $500
21 to 30 $600
More than 30 Call for pricing

2. One Full Day of Team-Building

Consists of both Challenge by Adventure and On the Ground Challenge. This day-long program begins at 9:30am and ends at 3:30pm (includes snack and lunch). Our staff  will work with you to craft an experience that best suits your needs. We work at a 1 staff to 10 participant ratio.

Number of Participants Cost
8 to 10 $1,000
11 to 20 $1,200
21 to 30 $1,500
More than 30 Call for pricing

Yes- we come to you! Each team-building session is 2 hours long. Our staff will work with you to craft an experience that best suits your needs. We work at a 1 staff to 10 participant ratio.

Number of Participants Cost
6 to 10 $300
11 to 20 $400
21 to 30 $500
More than 30 Call for pricing

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