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2019 Summer Camp Survey Results

Thank you to everyone who filled out our Summer Camp Survey. We value comments and suggestions and take what parents and campers say very seriously. We use that feedback as a means to modify and improve our performance.

Testimonials from Parents & Campers

4-week Leadership Programs

“BEST part of our daughter’s summer!!! Oli has been attending CK for the last 9 years and every, single, year when we pick her up she is sooooooo excited to tell us about her time at camp. Every aspect is above expectations and we cannot speak higher of the team at CK. Adam (Wham!) does such a great job and guiding the whole process. Awesome”

“Lauren spent 4 weeks outdoors doing a variety of fun activities with new friends from all over. It is such a great experience. As a parent of a teen I can not recommend it more. It is the best investment in our child we have made over the years.”

“Max came back from Camp Kawartha taller, trimmer, more tanned, and more sure of himself than ever. He loved the opportunity to go tripping, to get training in first aid and water rescues, and to participate in some leadership experiences. He didn’t miss his phone! Warm, challenging, formative experiences that I would recommend for any young teen.”

“Camp Kawartha. Many thanks for playing an important role in helping my child grow into a healthy minded mature person.”

“-lasting friendships made that have been kept over the last three years, outside of camp
– positive growth; maturity and confidence noticeably improved
– appreciation for the outdoors and hard work
– empathy and responsibility deepening as a result of working with younger children”

“Our son Gabe, 15, has attended camp for several years now. He started with a one week trial and quickly added weeks each year so that now he goes for a month — and wants to go for longer next year! He has a busy and exciting life, full of activity and adventure and, yet, the experience he most looks forward to each year is Camp Kawartha”

3-week Pre-Leadership Camp
“My kids just love this camp. Every year they want to stay for longer and they are very difficult to extract on pickup day!”

“Our girls have such a great experience that they continue to fight on how many weeks each one gets!”

“Nicholas had a very positive, eventful and well rounded experience in the PLC program. He developed a stronger skillset for both physical activities as well as respect and responsibility. Great program and super fun time as always!”

“My child has been going to camp since she was seven and loves it more every year. Camp has taught her many important lessons about herself and others. The minute she gets home she starts talking about how much she wants to come back next year.”

“Highly recommend camp for your child. The growth in self-confidence is amazing.”

“A wonderful experience.. life long friends and lasting memories.”

“Our 14-year-old had his 3rd year at camp this year. When he returns, we see so much growth in him. He has matured from an introverted pre-teen glued to his computer, to wanting to do Counsellor Development. The amazing counsellors at Camp Kawartha have played a key role in this. Thank you so much for helping to build his confidence!”

“My child is not the most athletic child or who spends time out side. I love how this camp makes her unplug from Social media and just enjoy the outdoors. When she comes home from camp she wishes she could go back and hearing how much she enjoyed her time at camp and all the activities she took part in that she never would have if she were home”

“Thank you for the amazing camp experience that you provided our daughter. She came home a more confident and independent person. She made great friends and developed many new skills. She can’t wait to return next summer!”

“The food is really good!”

“She enjoyed camp so much, even before I left the parking lot after picking her up, she was super excited about attending camp next year. She also is very excited to be in the leadership program and hopes to be a counsellor some day!”

“My children have grown up at Camp Kawartha and have formed amazing friendships and developed essential life skills. I highly recommend the opportunity to anyone who wants a well rounded camp experience for their child.”

“My son loves Camp Kawartha. If he could spend the entire year there he would. He loves his camp friends, and the staff, and every summer can’t wait to go back.
Our girls are second generation Camp K campers and they couldn’t imagine a summer without camp. They started with day camp and are now participating in leadership programming. It fills our hearts to pick them up at the end of the session and hear all the stories and the memories made.”

“Landon left camp with tears in his eyes – talked all the way home about camp next year”

“My son leaves each year, very happy about his experience. I always feel he has matured a little more when I pick him up after three weeks away at Camp Kawartha. He often speaks about the great new friends he made, and the funny little sayings and chants they came up with together. Overall he has a lot of fun with the counsellors too .”

Tripping Programs

“My boys came back to me bronzed and smiling, telling tales of outdoor adventures. It is so refreshing to hear them get excited about “unplugged” activities.”

“The staff was very supportive and helpful in guiding the children in developing their wilderness skills.”

“I love the watch my daughter walk out of camp. She walks a little taller than she walked in…I can tell her confidence has grown over the course of the week with Camp Kawartha! Thank you!”

“My step son spends a lot of time indoors. Video games are a big part of his everyday. This was his first camp experience, first independent week away. He went on the junior canoe trip and when we picked him up he said that was the greatest week of my life and I want to join the leadership program next year – that was music to our ears.”

“There is always a variety of fun activities to do.”

3-week Intermediates

“Many thanks for providing such a phenomenal experience in summer holiday for my son. He refreshed his mind totally with all the activities, but also care from all the staff of your camp. He would definitely return in coming summer for PLC.”

“Camp Kawartha consistently gives our daughter a memorable summer of outdoor activities, friends and learning. The weeks spent at camp are the highlight of her year!”

1-week & 2-week Overnight Camps

“My kids look forward to Camp Kawartha and it is the best part of their summer. When I go to pick them up after 2 weeks they don’t want to come home! They gain lots of confidence and build their self-esteem at camp. I’m impressed with the depth of relationships they make and all the activities they do at camp.”

“Because our kids have some anxiety or social issues, we were worried about how they would do or if they would stay the whole week. The camp had some great strategies to help the kids feel comfortable and overcome challenges. It all worked out great and we’re very appreciative parents!”

“It makes me happy to see my daughter come back from camp with a newly learned skill and lots of stories about her adventures. Last year, she learned how to play the guitar at camp. This year, she conquered the challenging middle rock wall. The counselors are all very positive & supportive; it’s a great place for building self-confidence!”

“While we are always excited to pick our kids up at the end of camp and look forward to hearing about their adventures, they are never happy to see us because they don’t want camp to be over. That’s how we know they love their time at Camp Kawartha.”

“This was Sacha’s 3rd time at Camp Kawartha & him & his cousins will be back!”

“It is interesting that technology is not missed and the discovery that the great outdoors is a wonderful place. My son can’t wait to go back next summer.”

“This was the second year and first 2 week camp for my son at CK. He absolutely loves it! The staff and counsellors are amazing. With tons of activities it gives the campers lots of time to be outside and enjoy the fresh air (my son’s favourites are canoeing, archery and climbing the rock wall). Best decision I ever made to send my son to CK.”

“C K was an amazing experience for my kids! My son conquered his fear of heights & continued spending more time outdoors. My shy, quiet, reserved daughter was loudly singing camp songs, laughing and showing me the grounds when I picked her up. Her self-esteem and independence increased tremendously. They can’t wait to go back next summer!!”

“The Best!!”

“Over the week Danica was at Camp Kawartha she found self awareness, independence, and a love the outdoors. She learned about environmental responsibility and is teaching what she learned to her friends and family. Danica can’t wait to go back next year.”

“She came back so much more confident in herself and her abilities. The positive impact was tremendous!! She was also recognized for being a supportive help when others had conflicts which also boosted her confidence and drive to want to support others and even become a camp counsellor one day.”

“My son expected this to be his last year of camp (after 6 years) but had such an amazing time he’s hoping to return next year for a month to complete the Counsellors skill development program! He gained more confidence and a sense of independence from his two weeks away this year!”

“‘Camp is a solvent of morality. It neutralizes moral indignation, sponsors playfulness. – Susan Sontag’
Camp Kawartha lives by this!”

“So impressed by the inclusive environment for LGBTQ+ parent and camper population. This was not something we knew to be true of Camp Kawartha, and we very happily surprised and impressed. Especially with introductions of staff and campers including preferred pronouns.”

“Adam wants to attend the CSD program next year. He is normally so shy. Looking at the camp pictures on the website, its hard to believe he is the same kid! I am so thankful for this camp and its staff.”

“Both kids attended this year for the same session. They had a fantastic time. We took a family vacation shortly after they returned from camp. What I loved the most was hearing them talk about not only their individual experiences but all the shared memories from they’re time at camp. The songs, memories of camp games and excitement to return.”

“Camp Kawartha has provided our daughter with an opportunity to explore her independent side. She also struggled with sleeping issues but has persevered the last two years and gone to overnight camp. The staff have been wonderful at creating an environment where she feels safe.”

“Maeve can’t wait to go back. Thanks you!”

“Camp Kawartha was a wonderful experience for both my children. We started off with a 3 night nature camp and moved up to a 1 week overnight session the following summer. They both came back with a sense of independence and adventure that they would not have found here at home. They can’t wait to return next summer!”

“She loves camp and would love to work there one day”

“My son LOVES his time at Camp Kawartha and each year talks about going even longer the next summer. The camp counsellors are positive, entertaining and supportive and are great role models for my son – so much so that he is thinking one day he would like to work at Camp Kawartha when he gets older.”

2-night Introduction to Camp, and 3-night Session N

“This was my daughter’s first time at an overnight camp. She loved it. She can’t wait to come back.”

“My son who isn’t an outdoorsy kid just loves Camp Kawartha – the first thing out of his mouth every year is that he wants to go for longer next year!”

“First thing my daughter said when she got back was , ‘I want to go for a full week next year !!!!!!!'”

“Our daughter enjoyed two short overnight sessions at Camp Kawartha this summer. Upon dropping her off she was shy and nervous not knowing anyone. All the camp councillors were so welcoming and enthusiastic, making her feel comfortable! When we picked her up she could not stop talking about all the fun she had and new friends she made.”

“Miller’s experience at Camp Kawartha has help her become more independent and confident when in new situations.”

“When I asked my 9 year old daughter how it was, her response was, ‘one of the best experiences of my life!'”
Going back next year for sure….”

“My son had a wonderful time and experience at the Nature camp this past season. The first thing he asked when I picked him up was if he could go for a whole week next year ! He loved everything about it, way to go Camp Kawartha!”

“My eight year old daughter went to the three night session for the first time and absolutely loved it. She has generalized anxiety and this was an amazing experience for her. She wants to go back for a week next year. When I asked my daughter if there was anything she didn’t like about camp she said ‘no camp was amazing'”.

“Nothing can compare to the beautiful smile on my sons face when I come to pick him up after three days at camp Kawartha!!”

“My child had a great time at the Nature camp. He made new friends and appreciates opportunities for outdoor activities while at the camp. Counselors were great.”

“This was our daughters’ first away-camp experience and she loved it! She thrived under the leadership of the counsellors and thoroughly enjoyed her time at Camp K. This camp helps kids conquer their fears and explore new challenges in a fun, safe and caring environment. Can’t wait for camp 2020!!”

“Gone all fears of sending our son to his first overnight camp! We were especially concerned about the night time, but thanks to a caring, enthusiastic cabin counsellor he was able to surmount his fear of sleeping away from home – and had a blast trying new activities throughout the day! Seems we’ll keep hearing new anecdotes for years to come :)”

“The ‘Introduction to camp’ program they have to introduce your first timers to overnight camp is amazing! 4 days / 3 nights is a fantastic way for them to dip their toe in the exciting world of camp!”

“Our 9yr old enjoyed every moment of his very first three nights away at Camp Kawartha! From fun camp councillors, to outdoor walks, wildlife and camp fire games, he loved every moment of it. From the second I picked him up he was already asking to go back next year! Fantastic camp experiences! Thank you, Camp Kawartha!!”

“Great experience for our 8 year old grandson. He had been living in a womans shelter with his mother for several months this year, This gave him the opportunity to dare to dream..and gain confidence in a beautiful setting with nature. Thank you”

“The experience my daughter has had at Camp Kawartha was amazing!! She made new friends and gained self confidence. The look she had when we picked her up told us how amazing her time at camp truly was!! She will definitely be returning in the future.”

“My kids love Camp Kawartha! There is a great feeling of belonging, acceptance, tradition and camaraderie! They spend most of the rest of the year looking forward to their time at camp.”

Day Camps (Clear Lake location)

“Camp Kawartha helped my child gain the confidence and independence he needs to begin school this year. He felt safe, cared for and accepted from the first day. Not only did he have a great time learning important skills like working together, showing kindness and advocating for himself, he can now put on his own socks – hurrah!”

“When deciding what summer activity my son would do camp Kawartha really stood out. The range of activities provided kept my son excited to go back.”

“My son absolutely enjoyed his time at Camp Kawartha this summer. He had fun everyday and had a big smile at pickup. Thanks to the councilors for their expert care and guidance. My son really likes the variety of activities and we will be back next summer!”

“Camp Kawartha is being woven into the fabric of our summers and our family life. The renewal of this yearly adventure is something my children anticipate with excitement and some nerves…always to be reassured by the kind and enthusiatic staff. We look forward to making the leap towards overnight camp now with 4 summers of daycamp under our belt”

“Our son has had a positive experience at Camp Kawartha two summers in a row- he is very happy when we pick him up at the end of the day! He has made new friends and looks forward to returning next year.”

“My boys’ confidence has grown so much from just one week of camp. They talk about next summer the moment camp is over.”

“While this year was our five year old’s first camp experience, she loved both of the Camp Kawartha camps that she attended. She bonded very quickly with camp staff and loved the activity selection and structure. When she finished up Kinder Camp, she asked when she could do overnight. After Clover Kids [at the Environment Centre], she asked if we could book her another week!”

“My son was very nervous going to this camp as non of his friends would be there. The first day he came home ecstatic of making a new friend. He loved being outdoors and the variety programs is incredible. The counsellors were incredible, engaging and kind to them. We look forward to next year!”

Enivronment Centre Day Camps (Peterborough Location)

“Great camp, so much outdoor activities, a real connection to nature with councillors who truly care about nature!”

“Our daughter had a great time playing outside, swimming and exploring the nature areas. The instructors are great at what they do and truly love their jobs.”

“When a child has special needs, it can be difficult to find camps that make accommodations, let alone aim for that amazing camp experience that we all want for our kids. Camp Kawartha gave this gift to my son… a camp with all the supports he needed and a summer experience to remember. Thank you!”

“All roses all week. No thorns.”

“The best part really is that our son was so hesitant to go to camp and had a very negative experience at other summer camps. Camp Kawartha changed all of this. Thank-you :).”

“My children live in Toronto. They ask to to come to camp Kawartha any chance they can. We love it!”

“The Environment Centre is a great little spot for parents looking for a nature-based day camp that doesn’t require driving beyond the city of Peterborough. Very convenient and great nature experiences for youth!”

“My daughter was very anxious on her first day of camp. The counsellors were great, sensitive to her experience (and mine), and helped her adjust. They also shared stories of how she adjusted after I left that helped reassure me that she was comfortable. Such amazing staff!!”

“There is no comparison between other summer camps and the Camp Kawartha Environment Centre. There is no other summer camp where my kids are greeted with familiar smiling faces year after year. The enthusiasm of the staff is apparent as they run into the parking lot to greet the kids! This is one camp that they look forward to year after year!”

“Camp Kawartha’s greatest strength is their staff. They are experienced and skilled, energetic and kind.”

“Both of my children experience a boost in confidence after a week at the Environment Centre day camps. It is lovely to join them at the end of the week to see how staff recognise each child’s unique qualities and contributions to the camp community each week.”