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Testimonials from Parents & Campers

Day Camps

“Our kids could not have had a more enriching camp experience! The councillors lead with compassion and make every learning experience fun for the campers. We feel so lucky to be a part of the camp Kawartha community.”

“Beautiful outdoor recreational activities and camp! My kids are so excited to go back next year!”

“Day camp at camp kawartha allows our kids to start getting a real camp experience at a young age. The spirit of the camp shines of goodness, laughter and delight! I am confident that I am sending my children to a place that nurtures the values of environmental stewardship, fun and play in the outdoors!”

“its the second time [our son] has gone to Camp Kawartha, he loves it, Thank you everyone.”

“Absolutely love this camp!!! Can’t wait for next year.”

“We all had a wonderful week at Camp Kawartha. My 3 kids are still talking about it! I cannot forget the tremendous patience and time that you gave to my youngest day camper; it meant so much to me, and him! Thank you for all the wonderful Camp Kawartha memories and experiences that have followed us back home to Virginia. See you next summer!”

“My son had a rich experience, even in the 3-day camp. At the end of the day he was both inspired and tuckered out from all of the fun and learning. I am thrilled as a parent that he was immersed in fresh air, a natural environment and was engaged in physical and learning activities!”

Enivronment Centre Day Camps

“Out of all of the fancy summer camps my daughter has attended, she says she liked Camp Kawartha the best. It’s mostly because of the simple outdoor pleasures: swimming in the river, roasting marshmallows and searching for frogs. The staff seemed more mature and experienced than at other camps. For a nervous mom like me, that gave me great comfort.”

“The quality of body, mind, and spirit nourishment he receives from the staff and the activities they planned is unparalleled”.

“My daughter can’t wait till next year.”

“Amazing group of Counsellors, very positive and friendly environment!”

1, 2 & 3-night Overnight Camps

“My twins had a wonderful time at the single night camping… so much so they didn’t want to come home!! Staff was so helpful with a few missing items, and they were all so friendly and welcoming!! Can’t wait for next year!!”

“I feel this camp is extremely important in our area and its a long standing staple in the community. I wish I was a kid again on that first day of camp. Its just so exciting. Even better than being there yourself is letting your kids experience it – now they’ll get to make those memories like I did….so long ago;)”

“Our daughter had an amazing time! The one-night camp is a great idea! It allowed her to push herself & build self-confidence. In no time she was wishing she could have stayed longer! The counselors were welcoming, caring & enthusiastic. There was a variety of fun activities & we loved the integration of environmental education. Can’t wait for next year!”

“My daughter absolutely loved the camp, she is already planning everything for next year’s camp.”

“Our daughter got very homesick at another overnight camp. Picking her up from Camp Kawartha it was obvious this was a different experience. She was joyful and bubbling with stories. She was already looking forward to coming back next year, maybe for longer!”

“As a parent with a child with special needs, I was so nervous about sending him to camp. But after meeting the staff and seeing how Camp Kawartha had everything covered, I left feeling confident and secure that my son would be well looked after. Best of all, my son had the most amazing time and can’t wait to go back!”

1-week & 2-week Overnight Camps

“Good programming of activities, nice location and just the right size of camp. The camp counselors were also very friendly and positive. My 12-yr old wants to do the 3-wk camp next time as she had so much fun! Thanks CK!”

“This was my son’s first time at camp Kawartha. He’s 12. I wanted him to have the experiences that I had when I went to camp as a kid. Well, it was all that and more. He loved every moment and wants to go back for 2 weeks next summer and hopes to be on staff someday! Thank you for giving him an amazing experience!”

“Morgan has enjoyed 2 years at Camp Kawartha and tells me he wants to be a counsellor some day. Really positive experience and seems he didn’t miss his ipad at all!”

“We were very pleased with Camp Kawartha! They both attended the two week overnight camp! They are aged 8 and 10. We saw a new sparkle in each of our daughters eyes! They were energized and came home with brand new skills and knowledge! We are so happy we sent them and plan to do so again next summer!”

“It was a wonderful experience for our child. Thanks for your efforts for making Camp Kawartha so nice and enjoyable for young people!”

“[My daughter] loves going to Camp Kawartha. She is 9 and already is interested in a life long commitment to Camp Kawartha. She wants to become a councillor one day or at least work at the camp. She is committed to staying in swimming lessons so she can get her life guard qualifications so her chances of getting a job at the camp will be increased!”

“As first time campers we weren’t sure what to expect. From our first visit staff went out of their way to recognize each camper as an individual. Highlights include the brand new climbing wall and water activities. Our kids are already looking forward to next year.”

“I can’t say enough about what a gift this camp has been and continues to be. My son talked about his experiences at camp for the full hour and half ride home-more than he has talked about anything all year! He really appreciated the sincerity of the staff. He wants to come back for the three week PLC program and hopes to be counselor there one day!”

“She has been going to Camp Kawartha for 7 years, including day camp, March Break camp and 2-week overnight camp. It has been an amazing experience – she’s had incredible fun, gained independence and self-esteem and learned new skills. She looks forward to camp all year. She’s 11 years old and is already talking about becoming a camp counsellor.”

“It was our sons first time at Camp Kawartha and we were all a little nervous. But from the moment we arrived the staff welcomed us, creating a very safe and inclusive environment that put us all at ease! They were well organized, helpful and friendly! Over the next 2 weeks our son had a great time and is looking forward to going again next summer!”

“Our daughter had an amazing time at camp kawartha! From the warm greeting on the first day, to the morning swim, to clearing dishes, to new friends and new activities, she had many positive experiences. She braved home sickness, gained independence, grew as a person, and connected with people and nature in a way that just isn’t possible at home.”

“My son had the best experience this summer at Camp Kawartha! At first he was hesitant because he has never be on his own, but when he came back home said he wished he could go all summer. He loved all of the water activities, and especially his camp counselors. He cannot wait to come back next summer and bring a friend.”

“This camp was recommended by friends of ours who had sent their children last summer. We did not hesitate to sign up our kids and they loved it! In fact, they are considering returning for Leadership training next summer (and beyond!). Great place and highly recommended for your kid’s first sleep away camp!”

“Sami is counting the days until camp next summer. She enjoyed every minute and didn’t stop talking about camp for days. Her younger brother is excited about day camp next summer. I’m starting to save money to send them next summer!”

“Anyone looking to offer their children an outstanding nature experience would benefit from sending their kids to Camp Kawartha. After sending our daughter to a 3 night camp last year, we chose a full week this year and we’re delighted to hear how much she enjoyed the adventure upon her arrival home!”

“Camp Kawartha is an amazing camp that offers so much bang for your buck! My daughter has gone now 2 summers in a row and looks forward to her stay all year long. I never feel nervous as all the staff I have encountered are amazing boasting inclusion and safety for all. All while making their stay very personal and memorable.”

“Sending the boys to KC has been the best decision I’ve ever made. Leadership is always so welcoming, if there is ever a problem, they take the time to email or speak with you – they really care about their campers growth and well-being. Drop off day is full of energy and excitement. Even as a parent, it makes me want to go back to camp again!”

3-week Intermediates

“Camp Kawartha staff and campers work together to create the perfect summer experience. Our camper has discovered her strengths, increased her skills and her self-confidence, and made lasting friendships. Her plans for her return to camp begins on the drive home every year.”

“Our son always comes back from CK more mature, joyful and relaxed… had a great time, beaming with excitement to tell us about his experiences. He always wants to go back for a longer period of time than previous years. He went for 3 weeks this past summer…. he already expressed interest in doing the PLC program next year!”

“thanks camp Kawartha staff my kids can’t wait for 2019”

Challenge & Adventure

“The experience was amazing

3-week Pre-Leadership Camp

“Camp Kawartha is the pinnacle event of my daughters’ summer each year. It has improved their independence, confidence and it helps these city kids unwind from the constant barrage of urban stimuli. They just love it.”

“Thanks for a wonderful camp experience again this year. She comes back confident and so refreshed and ready for another year at school.”

“My son has gone from a timid day camper, to a confident overnight camper with aspirations of becoming a camp counsellor. This change resulted from the nurturing and inclusive atmosphere that is Camp Kawartha. My gangly, science-geek of a son has learned that all types of people can add value at camp, all the while enjoying the great outdoors.”

“Camp Kawartha welcomed my son with open arms. He was excited to join as a Pre-Leadership Camper and the counselors he met through that experience provided him an excellent model of how to care for young people, how to navigate high school, and how to plan for the future. He looks forward to carrying these skills with him and to giving back.”

4-week Leadership Programs

“rock tree cedar sun
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paddle laughter fun”

2018 Summer Camp Survey Results

Thank you to everyone who filled out our Summer Camp Survey. We value comments and suggestions and take what parents and campers say very seriously. We use that feedback as a means to modify and improve our performance.