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Testimonials from Parents & Campers

Day Camp

“The kids had a great time and both want to come back next year for a full week of overnight camp. Thanks for making their first camp experience so positive.”

“A great outdoor experience for young kids. Staff and dynamic and fun. Beautiful facility in the forest.”

“This was a fantastic experience for our son. We can’t wait for next year when we can send both our children..absolutely amazing and would recommend to anyone.”

“This was my daughters first summer at Camp Kawartha. She had such an amazing time she’s BEGGING me to sign her up for over night camp next summer. She has so much fun and was in such a great mood everyday coming home. I highly recommend Camp Kawartha to any family!”

Environment Centre Day Camp

“Our son was motivated every morning to get to camp. Being outside and interacting with motivated caring staff meant the world to us and him !!!”

“Enthusiastic, knowledgeable and friendly staff made this camp a wonderful exploration of the environment and the outdoors — both from the perspective of how to respect it and how to have fun in it. Highly recommended!”

“I can’t say enough good things about Camp Kawartha! My children have been attending Camp Kawartha – Environmental Centre – for about 5 years. My daughter is now volunteer and my son was the part of the Leadership program. My children have gained confidence, a respect for the world around them, and look forward to returning every summer!”

“Camp Kawartha is a major highlight of every summer for our family. The staff and activities are unbeatable.”

“Camp Kawartha was my child’s first experience at a camp. He enjoys the activities, the counselors and friends he makes. I appreciate the opportunities for him to try new things and take risks in a safe and nurturing environment.”

1-week & 2-week Overnight Camps

“My daughters have been going to Overnight camp for 4 years now and can’t wait to return each year. Sometimes they go solo and sometimes with a friend and it’s been great either way. They make strong friendships, are never hungry (one is a swimmer and she’s always hungry at home) and love all the activities. Highly recommend.”

“This was the first time my son did overnight camp. He was quite nervous about it when being dropped off. Now he is so willing to go for two weeks next year. Thanks so much for your great work to give him such a great experience and make him feel proud of being independent! He even cries much less now. :)”

“My kids had so many good experiences, it seemed to be the Eager to please attitude of the staff and the new friends that the kids made who became like family for the week.”

“My daughter was nervous about coming to a new camp where she didn’t know anyone, but she came home so happy having many new friends! She also loved the enthusiasm and positive interactions with the counselors. She insists on coming back next year. Thanks so much!”

“Camp Kawartha has given two of the greatest gifts to my youngest daughter. Independence and Responsibility. And the best part is they did it through activities that engage and are just plain fun!”

“She has a wonderful time and talks about becoming a leader!”

“My daughter has not been this excited about many things – but Camp Kawartha is sure one of them! So glad she went to camp, she will certainly be back!”

“My children have been going to Camp Kawartha every year since they were day campers. They love every aspect but most especially love the waterfront activities. They were winners of the Cabin Cup this year and the pride in my son’s voice as he talked about it was awesome! Thanks for another great summer!”

“My boys love Camp Kawartha. It gives them an opportunity to participate in activities – like sailing and archery – that they don’t get to enjoy elsewhere.”

“When I went to pick up my son at Camp Kawartha after a two week session, he told me he didn’t want to leave…he was having too much fun and that he would miss everyone. Overall this tells me that CK has had a positive impact on him. This was his third year at cK (2017). He’ll be returning again next summer!”

“My son had an amazing experience at Camp Kawartha. It was his first time away from home and he can’t wait to go back. On the day we picked him up we weren’t 2 min up the road and he asked to go back. The staff were friendly, fun and out going. His lead counsellor was an excellent role model for my son. I can’t say enough positive things.”

“Camp Kawartha has provided a wonderful experience for our daughter during the past 4 summers. This year we moved from 1 week of camp to a 2 week session and thought our daughter may be homesick… We were joyfully surprised to pick her up and see her crying and very emotional about leaving the Camp and all of the great friends and instructors.”

“Kids need a break from the city, from their parents, from their school friends. Camp Kawartha is a re-charge for my daughter. She’s come home these past two summers a different kid. She’s confident but comes home knowing that she can manage without us. She loves nature and now sees her role in protecting and preserving it.”

“This was my son’s 2nd year at CK but his first time staying for one-week overnight camp. He loved it so much he wants to return for 2 weeks and even wants to become an LIT and possibly a camp counselor too!”

“For my daughter, going to Camp Kawartha is one of the highlights of the year. On the way home after two weeks being at camp, she was already talking about next year. I have recommended Camp Kawartha to several friends.”

“The slide in the water was amazing so was the sailing and so were the counselors.”

“I asked Liam what he would say when recommending Camp Kawartha to a classmate. “There are so many cool activities and it’s awesome to spend so much time outdoors. It’s just really, really fun!””

“From the extremely friendly and welcoming drop-off, to the wistful good-byes at pick-up, the kids’ love of the people, activities, and location of Camp Kawartha speaks volumes to the positive learning experiences they have whilst at Camp. Our child wants to stay the whole summer!”

“Our girls have cherished their time at Camp K as the most enjoyable moments of their summer break! The experiences they have had, and friends they have made, will last a lifetime….”

“I would highly recommend the overnight camp experience at Camp Kawartha. 3 nights was a perfect introduction for my eight year old son who appeared a little apprehensive initially. He had a perma-smile on his face 10 minutes after dropping him off as the leaders quickly engaged in a game of Frisbee. He looks forward to returning next year.”

“This was my son’s first overnight camp, we chose the 3 night 4 day as an introduction. When we picked him up, he had agreed next year he wants to try a full week! The counsellors in the cabin were great and a good fit. The website details and parent information was very helpful, making the process easy and smooth. Thanks to everyone!”

“Great experience! It was my daughter’s first overnight camp, and she is already asking me to go for 2 weeks next summer. She loved all water activities and the interaction with the other campers.”

“Our daughter attended a 3 day camp for the first time this summer. All of the staff were so friendly and made you feel excited to be there. When we picked her up she talked our ears off about all of the amazing experiences she participated in. She definitely wants to come back for a full week next summer.”

“This was Lucy’s first time at summer camp, and it was great. She’s excited and pumped for next year. Thank you for a great program and introduction to overnight summer camp! She was well cared for, and slept the whole way home from exhaustion.”

“It’s always awkward the first day of camp but at CK counsellors help ease anxiety by making a connection. On the day of Pick-Up arms were around “buddies” and new friendships were formed. A dedicated staff who sees the needs of the campers as a priority. My child can hardly wait until next Summer.”

Wilderness Canoe Trip

“My son is a lot more independent and now cooking more on his own after the canoe trip. The staff was really friendly and accommodating. Albeit the hard work and lack of sufficient food, my son thought it was quite an experience.”

“I want to thank Camp Kawartha for helping my daughter to grow with nature and its’ surroundings. She gained experiences from going on the Sr. Canoe Trip that could only be garnered from travelling the unbeaten path on trip, working with the other Sr. girls whilst portaging, canoeing, setting up camp and breaking it down. Everyone has a part to play!”

3-week Intermediates

“My children absolutely love camp, the staff is so friendly ! They love the food and often in the year they will say : can’t wait for Summer to go back to Kawartha !!!!! Thank you to all of you members of the staff for making camp great for our children in a time that most kids spend way to much time on screens , camp is very important !”

“Our daughter comes home from Camp Kawartha each summer with tales of fun adventures and new friends. She’s learned new skills and has increased self-confidence as a result of her Camp Kawartha experiences. Although she has tried other camps, her favourite is Camp Kawartha, and it’s the only one she wants to attend now.”

“Nothing matters as much to them as the promise of returning to Camp Kawartha next year. They start begging to return before we get out of the parking lot. It has been beneficial to their self esteem and improves their ability to deal with unpredictable circumstances. They come home with greater independence and the city stress just melts away.”

“Our kids go to Camp Kawartha every summer and love it!!! They both consider it a home away from home. My oldest child is looking forward to one day spending the entire summer at camp, hopefully as a camp counsellor. Both of my CK campers have made great friends and great memories every summer… they are counting the days until they return.”

“Camp was fantastic! I made lots of friends, had really nice counsellors and participated in great activities. “[Camper]

3-week Pre-Leadership Camp (PLC)

“Both of our girls have been attending CK since they were old enough to be in Day Camp – they are now 13 and 11 and go for 3 and 2 week sessions respectively (they’d go for the whole summer if we’d let them). They are second generation CK campers and as far as our family is concerned there is no better summer camp!”

“It is all true. Sending your child to Camp Kawartha really makes a huge difference in confidence, builds lasting friendships and helps them disconnect from their electronics. We are so glad we were able to give our child this opportunity. It has made the world of difference to her and to the family dynamic too.”

“We are long time CK camp lovers with one child in her 6th (or was it 7th) year of camp. Her cousin joined her for his first ever camp experience and he absolutely loved it as well. The camp and staff focus on the kid’s mental and physical well being. Kids are device free for their time and love it!! Thank you to Adam and all of the CK Staff!!!”

“Thirty-five years ago I attended camp Kawartha. This last summer our son began his Camp Kawartha history and we couldn’t be happier. When we picked him up after three weeks of the PLC session he was telling us, within minutes, that he wanted to come back for a month long session next year. He’s hooked!”

4-week Leadership Program

“Our child has Aspergers and it’s difficult for him to make and maintain friendships. He’s a loner. So it was with trepidation that we enrolled him at CK. Not only did he blossom under the care and guidance of the councillors, but he asks to come back year after year (for 4 years!). Everything and everybody at CK contribute to every camper.”

2017 Summer Camp Survey Results

Thank you to everyone who filled out our Summer Camp Survey. We value comments and suggestions and take what parents and campers say very seriously. We use that feedback as a means to modify and improve our performance.