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Hey Parents and Campers,

Is it time for 2015 already? Where has the time gone?? (A sentiment more for us parents than the campers). My sons will be 6 and 2 years old in 2015 and as the years pass, the more I realize they will pass too quickly.

So I’ve come to another realization, that it’s not about how fast or slow time passes, but how you make the MOST of that time. I know that spending those summers at Camp Kawartha among staff, campers and families is time well spent and if time is a finite resource, I’m fulfilled to have invested it here. I hope you feel the same as you have been (or thinking of) investing many of your own family’s resources to send your children to Camp Kawartha. Whether it’s a child for a week-long session,  multiple children, cousins for 2 and 3-week sessions, or the multitude of recommendations you have shared with other families, we are grateful for your partnership in shaping Camp Kawartha and making it worthy of time well invested for today and the future.

I am looking forward to the summer of 2015 and my second decade as Summer Camp Director. There has been great growth in terms of infrastructure, programming, menus, and scaffolding to ensure camper well-being over those years and we continue to strive to build upon our previous successes through a strong staff, leadership programs, camper and parent feedback, and partnerships within our community and beyond.

For 2015, we have added an extension to the PLC program in August for 13-14 year old campers seeking a longer camp experience enhanced by adventure-based activities including outdoor rock climbing, mountain biking and white water kayaking. In addition, we have also altered our Voyageur canoe program, run during Session C, and re-named the program Algonquin Canoe Adventure.  It still retains the experience of travelling in a 26ft Voyageur canoe on Clear Lake (our lake) as well as sharing the culture and history of the canoe by visiting the Canadian Canoe Museum, but then changes the focus with a trip to Algonquin Provincial Park in our typical expedition canoes. We hope these 2 new sessions will further enrich the programming we offer to our families as campers move up the chain.

At the same time, we continue to strive to instill the values of respect, honesty and an appreciation for nature that we feel trains us all to be active and responsible citizens.

I look forward to the Summer of 2015. I also look forward to answering questions and receiving feedback along the way and I’m always available for both at  I wish everyone a wonderful year as the countdown begins towards another incredible summer!

Adam “Wham” Strasberg (B.A., B. Ed.)
Summer Camp Director