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You’ve always wondered, now is your chance. Just how do those GPS systems work? Students will be introduced to a basic Garmin GPS unit. They’ll use the GPS units to find hidden boxes with prizes inside. A wonderful way to weave together technology and exercise along with an exciting treasure hunt! Students will learn about the fine art of geocaching and how to find out if there is a course near your school.

Health & Physical Education Curriculum Links *

  • Grades 5 – 12: Active Living
  • Grades 5 – 12: Movement Competence

Season Availability

Fall, Winter, Spring

Program Location

Kawartha Outdoor Education Centre
Douro-Dummer, ON

* Curriculum links for this program are based on "The Ontario Curriculum, Grades 1-8: Health and Physical Education" and "The Ontario Curriculum, Grades 9-12: Health and Physical Education"

Feel free to contact us about modifying programs to suit older or younger students.