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Camp Kawartha recently received a very important and inspiring donation from two special young people (and their little sister!) who made it their mission to help our organization during a difficult time.
Their mother Angie provided us with this touching explanation.
“Here is a little info on what inspired us to encourage the kids to take on a bottle drive for Camp Kawartha.
Over the past several months, as the world was shut down and people were feeling isolated or trapped or scared to go out, we were feeling free and joyful because we were allowed more time to spend outside in the natural peace and quiet of Camp Kawartha. We made it a daily activity to ‘walk the camp’. The kids always love visiting the creek in springtime, after the snow and ice are melted off the trails leading there, it is a perfect time to make new discoveries in the mud.
Enid and Rowan were excited one day when we came along the path and the “boardwalk closed” sign was gone. They were ecstatic when we came through the trees and saw the clean new boards of the boardwalk inviting them towards the pond.
The kids and I walk in the camp many times a week and I am so proud to see them brave enough to walk a little farther ahead each time and I am proud that they are finding their own way and have found ‘favourite spots’ on this beautiful property. I love that our time spent in the camp, as we casually wander around and look about is teaching Enid, Rowan and Poppy to value places like this and truly value time spent in nature.
The kid’s reasons for wanting to give back to Camp Kawartha: 
Rowan, 6 years old: “It is nice to help people and do nice things for them. I like Camp Kawartha because we can walk in there and visit the creek and look for crayfish in the mud. I like the boardwalk trail and frog pond the best and I want to help take care of them.”
Enid 8 years old: “It is important to take care of things you care about – I care about nature, the rocks and trees, even the fuzzy moss, so I want to help take care of them and make sure others can enjoy them too.”
Poppy 3 years old: “I want to see P-o-p-p-y on a bench.”
This is Enid and Rowan’s first year as overnight campers and I hope that they will feel proud to be a part of the campfire traditions at Camp Kawartha for years to come.
Enid and Rowan, and even little Poppy raised an amazing $750.00! Because of their donation to our Thrive 100 fundraising campaign, Enid, Rowan and Poppy will each have their names engraved on a plaque that will be attached to one of our camp theatre benches throughout 2021. 2021 is our 100th anniversary, and this story of thoughtfulness, gratitude and hard work is an important touchpoint, adding so much to our celebrations! Thank you to the Zavitz family!
Are you interested in helping support Camp Kawartha? Visit our website for details on ways you can help!