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Stewardship. It is a word frequently bandied about. Most of us recognize that the term has something to do with being a caretaker. But the word has also a great deal to do with citizenship. Good citizens are good caretakers. They are mindful of their community and its needs. Good citizens frequently ask the question “how can I help?” They are active in their community, supporting local initiatives and in many cases they are leaders, initiating change and striving for social justice..

So where does this ethic of responsibility, of caring for others come from?

Nel Noddings, a well known child educator and researcher argues that caring for others can be taught directly to children, especially through positive role modeling.

And building positive stewards is precisely what we strive for at Camp Kawartha. Teaching children about stewardship can be found in our leadership programs, our outdoor education programs and in our efforts to promote sustainability in our community. We strive to create a warm, nurturing community that demonstrates the power and potential of caretaking. We educate our students and campers about empathy, about initiative, about taking responsibility. We showcase sustainable living practices and most importantly, we give children the chance to be caretakers of each other and the natural world that surrounds them. And stewardship is at the very heart of Camp Kawartha’s mission statement: Promoting the interrelationship between all living things, we develop positive stewards of our natural and human communities.”