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staff with sign welcome to CKSummer Camp 2018 is off to a fantastic start! Our beautiful site on Clear Lake has been busy with many programs. CK overnight, Session A, Session B, Intermediates and Pre-Leadership camp have come and gone in a blur of sunny days, sing-alongs and cabin activities. Our leadership programs have been jam-packed with paddle making, canoe trips and group initiatives. The heat and humidity have been intense, and we consider ourselves very lucky to be able to jump into the Lake many times per day!

Thanks to the addition of an extra day in our two-week sessions, we were able to start a new Camp Kawartha tradition: THE BIG ONE! This all-day program has become a Camp staple. Campers are split into 3 teams: the Blue Herons, the Green Frogs and the Red Foxes. Once a camper is assigned to a team that becomes their team for each year they return. In the morning, the whole Camp community participates in a regatta with boating and swimming races, tug of war, water balloon toss, arts and craft activities, statue making and sing-alongs. Each team has come up with a chant and decorated a banner to represent the team. Campers of all ages worked together under their banner. The day was made especially successful by the level of sportsmanship role-modelled by our team captains and by the staff as a whole. The Green Frogs won the Best Sportsmanship title, the Red Foxes won the Most Creative title, and the Blue Herons were crowned the Champions of The Big One (Session B 2018).

We are looking forward to seeing this day carry on and to grow. We believe in the power of The Big One because it incorporates all the aspects of Camp that are so special — team building, skill building, fun, creativity and enthusiasm!