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What Camp Kawartha Means to Me

By: Owen Campbell

I have been going to Camp Kawartha ever since I was eight years old. It is like a second home to me, a safe haven. It is where everyone can truly be themselves – no bullies and no judgment at this camp. It puts a smile on your face when you arrive, and tears in your eyes when you leave.

Before you arrive at camp you feel like you’re keeping something inside you. Then when you are leaving you feel like a whole new person. Being at camp turned me into a better person.

For example, the LIT (Leader in Training) and CSD (Counsellor Skills Development) programs taught me teamwork skills, leadership skills, communication skills, and responsibility. These skills were reinforced by group activities, programming EP’s (Evening Programs), shadowing cabins and classes, and being a leader in the camp community. They also taught me communication skills through having to communicate with a large age-range from children to adults every day – also, learning how to deal with different personalities and situations.

This is what Camp Kawartha means to me and some ways it has helped me grow into a person that I am proud to be.

Thank you Owen! Your words are truly inspiring!