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Leadership Camp Programs

Ages 15-17

At Camp Kawartha, the quality of our summer camp programs begins with the excellence of our camp counsellors and leaders. We have worked hard to create a first-rate leadership development program specifically designed to train young adults in the elements of safe and effective leadership.

Our leadership programs are designed to draw out the best in each leadership camper and to help them recognize that every person has something positive to offer. They are led by Senior Staff members who are caring mentors and role-models that can guide campers to strive, to gain confidence and to encourage others to be the best that they can be. Good leadership is ultimately about asking: what can I do to help myself and the world around me?


  • Improve confidence, time-management, and communication skills
  • Develop strategies to overcome obstacles and solve problems
  • Understand group dynamics, leadership styles and the roles that people play within a group
  • Obtain skills, knowledge, and experience to become leaders of the future
  • Recognize that a caring community also means caring for and protecting nature

Leadership Programs for ages 15-16

Leadership Programs for ages 16-17

At Camp Kawartha, leadership is about respecting one’s self, others and the environment. It’s about working in a positive team setting and helping others. It’s about participation, trying, and embracing challenges. It’s about demonstrating a positive attitude whether you are being watched or not. It’s about self-improvement and being the best person you can be.

Leadership Applications

There is an application and selection process for our Leadership Programs. Campers have to demonstrate that they are prepared to meet the demands of the program through their previous experience, by answering relevant questions and completing a letter to why they would be an asset to the program

Information for Applicants


Timeline for CSD & LIT Applications

  • Mon. Oct. 22 – Application deadline (applications will be accepted after this date, but priority will be given to applications who make deadline.)
  • Week of Nov 5 – Decisions of CSD & LIT Applications. All applicants will be called and followed-up with by e-mail during the week of Nov 5th
  • Dec 17 – Deadline to accept and pay deposit
Application Evaluation

In reviewing the leadership applications, our process of evaluation and selection is based on 4 things:

  1. The application – we read the application and base its merit on the abilities to answer each question and how it ties into the program.
  2. Past Evaluations – past Camp Kawartha evaluations from our staff help us determine if the applicant is prepared for the leadership program. More recent camp evaluations carry the most weight.
  3. Oral evaluation – staff may be consulted who have worked with the applicant for additional information.
  4. Leadership suitability – based on the above, has the applicant demonstrated they are prepared to endure the challenges of the leadership program, will they be a positive influence to the dynamics of the group.

We wish to assist you with the process if you require clarity so feel free to contact the camp with additional questions throughout the process at adam [at] or 705-652-3860.

Volunteer Opportunity for LIT/WLIT Graduates

Both the LIT and WLIT programs are equivalent training programs to being considered for staff hiring the following summer.

All successful LIT and W-LIT participants will be invited to work as volunteer counsellors during our Nature Camp (Session N). This will give the applicants a valuable chance to use the skills they have acquired. Most Session N volunteers use these volunteer hours to meet their high school graduation requirements.


This leadership program satisfies the requirements for the Gold Project of The Duke Edinburgh’s International Award

What parents are saying…

“For my son & daughter, the Camp Kawartha experience is priceless. They are more self aware, more confident and better stewards of the environment because of their experiences at Camp Kawartha.” [LIT]
“I can’t say enough good things about Camp Kawartha. The facilities, the variety of programming, the care taken with the campers health and safety is excellent. My daughter has developed lasting, quality friendships with many children from camp and adores the councillors. She is always happy to see me when I pick her up from camp but very sad to say goodbye to camp Kawartha for another year.” [CSD]
“We have sent our children to overnight camp for several years and they always have a wonderful time. All of the kids have nut allergies and the camp has always been very diligent and safe in this regard. The evening activities and canoe trips are well planned and the kids enjoy the outdoors in a setting with experienced staff. Great fun for all.”
“Best few weeks of the year. My daughter comes back with a huge smile every year, I would highly recommend this camp!!”
“Summer Camp is the highlight of each of my daughter’s very busy and fulling years. She does a phenomenal amount of growth each session and recounts so many stories where she was given a chance to step up and lead … often times outside of her immediate comfort zone. Staff leaders are of exceptional quality. She will be back next year!” [WCSD]