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Like so many other places, the Camp is in a holding pattern, and unfortunately, has been since December. The education labour disruption meant that school field trips were cancelled. Then the COVID-19 pandemic began. It is eerily quiet – we miss the excited chatter of campers enjoying the outdoors.

However, we continue to move forward. Plans are advancing for the 3-Sisters Gardens – Abby’s Memorial Garden with its focus on natural habitats and pollination; the shoreline gardens with their focus on naturalization; and the parking lot garden producing healthy organic food.

These areas are fantastic teaching spaces that provide children, youth and adults with hands-on experiences and knowledge of how we can live regeneratively, creating spaces where both people and nature can thrive.

KinderCampers and Staff/Volunteers holding up plants in the newly updated Abby's Garden

Discussions have also been started about building community gardens for seniors at the Environment Centre. These measured plots of land will allow those who love gardening and its benefits to have a space to express and enjoy themselves – dirty hands aren’t just for kids!

If you are interested in these garden developments, please contact Susan at and she can tell you more about each project. We welcome a donation of seeds, saplings or even funds that will allow us to purchase those items we need to complete each garden.

Volunteers Plant in the new garden space at Camp Kawartha's waterfront