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2017 was a fabulous summer! My message from last year was about “seizing the day,” and no matter the weather or the session, the camp was in fine form with campers testing their skills at activities, evening programs and theme days keeping the adrenaline pumping, cabins establishing nature bases out on the range and our counsellors continuing to do what they do best; establishing nurturing and safe spaces for their campers to bond as a group and grow as individuals.

We strive to make every child’s camper experience a lifetime event. Whether it’s a 4 year old starting their first summer as a kinder camper or a 16 year old leadership camper looking ahead to being on staff. This is our camper life cycle. My own two children are currently between these two extremes. Aleks, my youngest was as young as you can get, 3 years old turning 4 in November, as he began his first year at Kinder Camp, our junior day camp / kindergarten prep run by highly qualified staff including former staff members that have become teachers, educational assistants and early childhood educators. Aleks had his older brother Asher to look up to and had no hesitations in any aspect of camp. On the other hand, Asher who turned 8 in September and has been in the day camp stream for several years is anxious about his transition to overnight camp. Sound familiar? Mine is just one of similar stories I hear from you regarding your children’s experiences…and keep them coming. Your feedback and sharing of experiences with Camp Kawartha is what ferments new ideas and our partnerships with you to prosper.

For 2018, we continue to strive on making every camper experience fun, meaningful and life-enhancing. We continue to ease the transition into overnight camp by offering sessions of varying lengths and by piloting in 2018 a day-camp for 9-10 year olds that includes an evening extension to give these day campers an evening program experience. As a summer camp director, it’s another step forward for Camp Kawartha where our priority is excellence, high quality programming and a commitment to the safe growth of your child.

Thank you for choosing Camp Kawartha. One of my favourite parts of the job is talking with families, helping them with choosing a program and answering questions on anything to do with camp. If you have questions at any time, always feel free to e-mail me at We look forward to an unforgettable summer!!

Adam Strasberg aka Wham
Summer Camp Director