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Post Camp Kawartha Am I Alive? Visit

Post Camp Kawartha Am I Alive? Visit

What can we see? Hear? Smell? Touch?

  • Bring the children outside to whatever outdoor space you have access to. 
  • Engage the children in exploring what living (a) animals (b) plants (c) other living elements (d) non-living elements you can See? Hear? Smell? Touch? Let them be the guides. 
  • Brainstorm as a class other living things that they might see on their journey to and from school (ex: oak trees, ravens, skunk, brother/sister, sunflowers, earth worm, etc.) – Explore whether or not we would see, hear, touch, or smell each individual thing first? 

Review of the principles of the “Honourable Harvest”

  • Bring the children outside to whatever outdoor space you have access to. 
  • Where does this term come from?
  • Why do we follow these principles?
  • Who benefits from these ideas?
  • Provide examples of honourable and non-honourable harvest. 

Art project: What does it mean to be alive? What does it mean to be dead? What is in between? 

  • Head outside
  • Review living vs non living concepts discussed at Camp Kawartha and the life cycle
  • Do a walking tour of your outdoor space pointing out different stages of the life cycle. It is okay if there is nothing in a certain stage (maybe if due to season, or human manipulation, explain why). 
  • Honourably collect materials (living and nonliving) for an art project that are in various stages of the life cycle
  • If possible, stay outside (with clipboards, paper, markers, and white glue) to facilitate the creative process outside. 

Weekly Observation of crystals and seeds from Camp Kawartha

  • Draw what you see. 
  • What has changed?
  • What has stayed the same?
  • Extended questions as the weeks progress: What stage of the life cycle? What basic needs are being met? Not met?
  • Keep the drawings/notes/observations either in individual notebooks or a class binder, at the end of the year have a timelapse gallery walk and story time.

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