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Water is amazing! It is a substance that can travel through air, it can wear away the hardest rock and it gives life to every living thing. With over 2 million lakes and rivers in Canada, we sometimes forget that water is a limited and precious resource. Less than 1/10 of percent of all the water in the world is available as fresh water. In this unique program, kids follow the complete water cycle using drama, games and hands-on exploration.

Science Curriculum Links *

Understanding Earth and Space Systems

  • Grade 2 – Air and Water in the Environment

Season Availability

Fall, Spring

Program Location

Kawartha Outdoor Education Centre
Douro-Dummer, ON

* Curriculum links for this program are based on "The Ontario Curriculum, Grades 1-8: Science and Technology"

Feel free to contact us about modifying programs to suit older or younger students.