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One of the best ways to facilitate a life-long appreciation for natural places is to enhance a child’s sensory awareness. Based on the ground-breaking “acclimatization” work of Steve Van Matre, these activities encourage children to explore the natural environment by using all of their senses. Tune into the soundscape of a field and listen to richly textured nature sounds with specially constructed animal ears and reproduce this experience in an eco-symphony. This is just one example of the many activities in this imaginative and interactive program. A wonderful program for younger grades!

The Arts Curriculum Links *

  • Best suited for Grades K to 4

Season Availability

Fall, Winter, Spring

Program Location

Kawartha Outdoor Education Centre
Douro-Dummer, ON

* Curriculum links for this program are based on "The Ontario Curriculum, Grades 1-8: The Arts"

Feel free to contact us about modifying programs to suit older or younger students.