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They provide an elegant and beautiful backdrop to our daily lives but few people stop and consider plants: the only living organism that can manufacture their own food and supply the world with oxygen. In this introduction to the world of plants, your students will learn about the various parts and functions of a tree in a tree drama exercise, identify coniferous trees and deciduous trees and discover which local plants are edible and many more activities. During the spring, students will have a chance to gather sap and help to make maple syrup at our sugar shack!

Science Curriculum Links *

Understanding Life Systems:

  • Grade 3 – Growth and Changes in Plants

Season Availability

Fall, Winter, Spring

Program Location

Kawartha Outdoor Education Centre
Douro-Dummer, ON

* Curriculum links for this program are based on "The Ontario Curriculum, Grades 1-8: Science and Technology"

Feel free to contact us about modifying programs to suit older or younger students.