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There is music in the woods! From the rustling of leaves, the ethereal call of the loon, to the wind sweeping through pine trees, there are a variety of musical tones to discover in the natural world. By experimenting with the sound qualities of found natural materials, students create a musical piece that we record. Students also learn nature songs led by our talented staff and will join in by using simple musical instruments. This program is dependent upon the availability of specific staff.

Season Availability

Fall, Winter, Spring

Program Location

Kawartha Outdoor Education Centre
Douro-Dummer, ON

The Arts Curriculum Links *

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Grade 1


  • C3.2 identify a variety of musical pieces from different cultures through performing and/or listening to them

Grade 2


  • C2.1 express personal responses to musical performances in a variety of ways … Teacher prompts: … “Which animal would you choose to represent music that is loud – a lion or a kitten? Why?” …
  • C3.1 identify reasons why people make music in their daily lives

Grade 4


  • C1.3 create musical compositions for specific purposes and audiences (e.g., … compose a soundscape to represent the physical landscape of Canada; …)

* Curriculum links for this program are based on "The Ontario Curriculum, Grades 1-8: The Arts"

Feel free to contact us about modifying programs to suit older or younger students.