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Now, the installation of a new culvert might sound like an odd thing to celebrate, but for us it means a great deal. The culvert helps to improve our accessibility which has been our focus for the past several years.
In the past, it has been very challenging for those with limited mobility to access our trail head and our newly renovated trail system. And now a new culvert helps us to create a smooth trail between the trail head and the roadway so that it is much easier for everyone, even those in wheel chairs, to experience the beauty of our range area.
We owe a debt of thanks to our friends at the Douro-Dummer Township office, specifically Jake Condon and his team at Public Works who installed the culvert at no charge, and Martina Chait-Hartwig who gave her approval and support for this project.
Our trail chair, recently donated by the Kiwanis Club of Peterborough glides easily over this new pathway. This new addition opens up a world of adventure and exploration for those with mobility challenges.
Thank you again to the Township, Martina and Jake for your assistance!