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Hey Everyone,

It’s Bulma (Assistant Director) & Geller (Head Counsellor), here to bring you some summer fun in social isolation! We’re so excited to be back at camp this summer with all of you and we can’t wait to kickstart the summer fun on clear lake with you all! To bring camp to you at home, we thought of some camp activities that you could adapt to do at home with your family.

Play freeze at home! A classic Camp Kawartha tradition – the caller calls out ‘FREEZE!’, and everyone else at the table has to hold as still as possible. The first person to move has to clear the table. Make pet rocks! Go for a hike outdoors, and find a rock with a personality that speaks to you and help it express itself through paint, feathers, glue, glitter etc… Make toad abodes / fairy houses! Build a tiny shelter using natural materials in your backyard to attract your chosen occupant, a toad or a fairy. Do check-in each nIght! To replicate this Camp Kawartha tradition, gather your whole family and share about how your day went! You could opt for a classic like rose (your favourite part of the day), bud (something you’re looking forward to), thorn (your least favourite part of the day), or get creative and do one such as your day as an ice cream flavour or whale sound! Make a camp songs playlist! Put together a playlist of all your favourite songs that remind you of camp, or check out the Camp Kawartha Spotify Account to revisit some classics (see below). Do some leaf pressing! Collect leaves from your neighbourwood. Place the leaf under a piece of paper and gently rub a crayon over top to make a colourful impression of the leaf! Have a CK picnic! Make everybody’s favourite lunchtime treat – mini pizzas – and eat them outside. What a great way to connect with nature as the weather warms up! Host a CK dance in your living room! Put on the CK dance playlist and throw a dance party in your living room (bonus points if you turn off the lights and use flashlights or glow-in-the-dark bracelets)!

We hope these ideas help make camp feel a little bit closer in the coming weeks!

See you soon,

-Bulma & Geller