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Camp Kawartha Today….

Camp Kawartha is a recognized camp, outdoor education and environmental learning centre which reaches more than 12,000 people per year. Camp Kawartha has earned 16 awards for its work in connecting children to their environment. It’s mission is to foster environmental stewardship.

Vision for the Future….

Camp Kawartha is about to embark on a remarkable journey, investing in its facilities to become a provincially recognized leader in environmental education. This will be achieved by showcasing sustainable living in action, through teaching nature and outdoor awareness and by fostering tomorrow’s environmental stewards. Every renovation and addition that will come to fruition through our campaign will be a teaching tool to show what is possible in sustainable design.

If you are interested in being part of our Branching Out For a Sustainable Future Campaign Team or would like to make a donation in order to realize this vision – please contact Jacob Rodenburg, Executive Director – Together, we can create a sustainable future for our children and those many generations yet to come!