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Thank You Letters

The following are thank you letters from families whose child was subsidized to come to summer camp.
Thank you for the wonderful opportunity for our two children. We were so impressed when our son came home and said that his “confidence” had increased we were speechless. He needed prodding to go but now can’t wait to go back. Our daughter was tickled with the experience and too felt better about who she is- as she relayed funny and amusing stories about her time there. We so appreciate the support that allowed our children to have this experience. Thank You so much.

The best thing I got from camp was that everyone really liked me. I was included in everything and the kids thought that I was really cool. Although I really didn’t want to go at first, I was very happy I went. I even volunteered to be the center of attention- which I never do … and had so much fun. I really left feeling that my confidence had really increased and I felt better about myself. I am hoping to do the leadership program and maybe even work there when I am done it. Thank you so much … l will remember it always.

I would like to thank those who made the subsidy for my camp experience possible. Camp was an incredibly enriching place, I was able to experience a sense of community and belonging. The friendships I made there are invaluable. Camp was the most fun I had all summer and I learned a lot from everyone there. Without the help of the subsidy committee I would have missed out on an incredible time. I give you a multitude of thanks.

For your generous gift to my son, we wish to thank you. He gained so much from having the opportunity to attend Camp Kawartha. He had an amazing time and such a positive camp experience. It was a huge boost to his confidence and was fun filled.

We would like to thank Camp Kawartha for helping my daughter attend camp for the past 2 years. Their sponsors help greatly in helping children with low income go to camp. She enjoyed all the sports they have to offer. She loved the overnight canoe trips. If it wasn’t for the sponsors, she would never be able to enjoy all the outdoor challenges offered by the camp. Once again thank you all.

There is nothing more amazing than watching the sun go down behind the never ending untouched forests of Algonquin Park. Being in the middle of such a beautiful place I hardly knew existed was one of the most powerful weeks of my life. I was able to push myself to my limit and truly make the most of every second. What an experience! Camp Kawartha is like a second home for me and the people there are like my family. I cannot thank you enough for helping me go to camp, everyday spent there has endless possibilities with an endless amount of people to connect with. I created so many strong relationships with some of the most amazing individuals I have ever met. I have found friends at camp that I’m sure I will have forever. Without your support, I would not have the people who have inspired me in so many ways. Camp Kawartha has helped me discover more about myself and who I am. Living in such a close knit community with the people who supported and helped me through everything as an experience that will always be with me. I sincerely thank you for assisting me in returning to the place that has helped me become who I am today. It means the world to me.

Thank you for sending me to Camp Kawartha. I had a lot of fun. Your kindness means so much. I really appreciate things like that. Once again thanks a lot.

I would like to take a moment in thanking all of you for granting us the subsidy for helping my daughter in her camp expenses this summer. She is really looking forward to another summer of challenge and adventure. This really lessons the burden of expenses that we have, like the rest of the world. Thanks again.

I had a lot of fun this past summer and would love to come back. My favourite activities were kayaking and archery but what I liked most about camp were all the friendly people, I made a lot of friends who I still talk to today. I also have fun when I did canoeing and sailing. I love Camp Kawartha!

Thanks for providing me to go to a fun and awesome camp like Camp Kawartha.