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Renewing Camp Kawartha

Camp Kawartha Resiliently in Action:


Resiliency. It is a hallmark of what makes organizations strong and helps them respond to stressful and unexpected events. Like the storms that ripped through the Camp on Saturday, May 21 and again on June 16th, 2022 . Over 420 trees were knocked over, buildings damaged, power lines down and great holes torn in the forest canopy that shaded Camp Kawartha for decades. Thanks to the amazing work of volunteers, our staff, Hydro One and our contractors, we were able to deal with danger trees, repair cabins and have Camp Kawartha safe, up and running in time for summer camp! We are so grateful to all of those who assisted us during our time of need.

This we know. Nature is regenerative. And we are too. With the help of friends, alumni and the community, we will take this opportunity to make Camp Kawartha even more nature rich than it was before. By planting many different species trees, shrubs and wildflowers, by creating permaculture gardens, replanting and renewing, we will show our campers, visitors, community and the rest of the world that people and nature can live together so that both may thrive.

As a not-for-profit charity, we did suffer significant financial loss from the extra costs incurred cleaning up after the storm and from lost revenue due to groups that we needed to cancel because of safety concerns. If you would like to give, please visit click the donate button above, and select the fund “Renewing Camp Kawartha” and we’ll be sure the funds go to all the work it will take to renew and restore Camp Kawartha. We can do this!

Best wishes,
Jacob Rodenburg
Executive Director