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bird feederThe Great Backyard Bird Count from Bird Studies Canada is February 15-18

Winter’s shorter days and longer colder nights plus the loss of plentiful food sources means bird feeders become a lifeline for chick-a-dees, cardinals, finches and other non-migrating birds. Daily replenished and maintained feeders provide reliable sources of food for survival of over-wintering birds.

Feeder not only help our feathered-friends, but they are also a ‘window’ of discovery. Bird Studies Canada wants to learn more about our bird populations and from February 15th to 18th they are asking us to be citizen scientists, helping them collect important data.

The annual Great Backyard Bird Count is an engaging annual event, running over four days, asking us to count birds daily. This kind of information will help create a snapshot about population health, range of our winter birds, and how changes in our landscape are affecting wild bird habitats. This kind of information is invaluable, helping inform decisions about conservation and conservation priorities.

It is free to participate; it’s fun as well as interesting; and it helps Bird Studies Canada understand what is happening. We encourage you to participate.

To register for the Count, or to find out more, visit