Camp Kawartha

Accessible Climbing Wall

This feature of the Camp is one of our most valuable tools, because it enables us to teach experientially, promoting physical activity, development of character traits such as giving and receiving effective support, as well as positive communication, trust, commitment, and goal-setting.

Our new climbing wall features ‘bump-outs’, so instead of climbing straight up, these features require a climber to negotiate uneven space creating greater challenge. As well, the wall has three climbing routes instead of two, allowing more participants to climb. The cargo net and hanging ladders test balance and hand-eye coordination and confront the climber with the need to manage motion.


young boy on accessible climbing wallFully Accessible

Our new wall is accessible to those with physical disabilities, including those in wheelchairs. This feature is unique to the region, and opens up greater possibilities for individuals and groups. The rigging arm, lifting kit, and seat harness provide effective and safe support for those in wheelchairs or with prosthetics.

Project Funders

  • The Ontario Trillium Foundation
  • The Rick Hansen Foundation
  • The Catherine & Maxwell Meighen Foundation
  • The Williams Wilson Sherport Foundation
  • The Pilkington Henniger Charitable Trust
  • The Jackman Foundation