Camp Kawartha

Capital Campaign

mastersiteplanWith straw bale buildings, alternative energy, passive solar straw bale addition, and plans for wind and solar generation, Camp Kawartha is striving to live what it teaches. We are developing a long term energy plan which involves upgrading our existing buildings to make them energy efficient and replacing our older cabins with innovative green architecture. We have engaged the services of an award winning architectural firm, du Toit Allsopp Hillier (DTAH), specializing in sustainable design to help us develop a 25 year plan to make Camp Kawartha the most sustainable camp in Ontario. Stay tuned!

environment centre

Camp Kawartha Environment Centre built in 2009


administration office

Straw Bale Solar Administration Office,
built in 2006


Straw Bale Solar Greenhouse, built in 2005

rotary hall

Straw Bale Rotary Hall, built in 2004