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Summer Camp Testimonials

Thank you to all the families who took the time and filled out our Summer Camp Survey!! We really appreciate all your feedback and testimonials!!

Summer Camp 2015 Survey Results in chart format

You made our daughters first overnight camp experience wonderful and memorable! She had a blast, got out of her shell and tried some new things. Looking forward to next summer!

Parent, Session CK101 (3-days/2-nights), 2015

Every time I have picked up our daughter from Camp Kawartha, she has asked if she can return the next year. This started the first afternoon I picked her up from CK day camp four years ago, and continued this year when I picked her up at the end of her first week-long camp. Thanks CK!

Parent, Session A (1-week), 2015

I can’t say enough good things about Camp Kawartha. The facilities, the variety of programming, the care taken with the campers health and safety is excellent. My daughter has developed lasting, quality friendships with many children from camp and adores the councillors. Caterina is always happy to see me when I pick her up from camp but very sad to say goodbye to camp Kawartha for another year.

Parent, Counsellor Skills Development (4 weeks), 2015

At 13 years old, I had never attended camp before. I was a bit nervous and excited about coming. I had a spectacular experience; when my parents came to pick me up I didn’t want to leave. All campers and counsellors were extremely nice, welcoming and made me feel at home. I am already planning next years camp, can’t wait!!!!!!!

Camper, Algonquin Canoe Trip (1 week), 2015

This was the third year for our son and second year for our daughter attending Camp Kawartha for sleepover camp. We chose it after our friends were married there and we experienced the food, the scenery, and the cabins! Each year, upon our children’s return, they ask for an extra week the following year. They adore the staff, love the choice of activities, and appreciate the abundance of good food. They both want to be leaders eventually. We love the care and concern of the staff, the size of the camp and the location. Until next year…

Parent, Session E (2-weeks) & Session E1 (1-week), 2015

Lauren had tried 3 good camps before Camp Kawartha but never quite loved it. We thought we would try one more time because we felt that camp and Lauren were a good fit. Well, she had the time of her life at Camp Kawartha. The counselors were so friendly and well prepared to create a positive environment for the girls to become friends and enjoy each other’s company. The activities were diverse and allowed her to explore things she had never considered like archery and windsurfing. As our picky eater, she even said camp made “Wow” butter taste good after a long day paddling. In addition, some of the counselors made a real impression on her by telling stories and sharing their interests with her and her fellow cabin mates. The relationships and attention made Lauren’s time at camp special and memorable. She can not wait to get back to Camp Kawartha.

Parent, Session E (2-weeks), 2015

My Son and Daughter have both attended Camp Kawartha over that last 7 years. It has been an amazing experience for them both, My son found his love of the outdoors during the 7 day trip, as well as applied this to his Duke Of Edinburgh Award Designation. My daughter will continue thru the entire process and wants to become a summer counselor, She enjoys the staff and always comes home talking about it for the next few weeks. It’s been nothing but a positive experience for both my kids.

Parent, Pre-Leadership Camp (3-weeks), 2015

This summer was our daughter’s 3rd summer at Camp Kawartha. Every year that she has attended, her stay has gotten longer and longer and her request. As we picked her up this time, she asked for an extra week next year. She loves the freedom of being outdoors, learning new activities, developing new friendships and being encouraged by the amazing team of counsellors. I joke about this but I believe that if we gave our daughter the opportunity to spend the whole summer at camp, she’d take it! Keep in mind she’s only 10!!

Parent, Session D (2-weeks), 2015

This was the first time my two children had ever attended camp – they are 9 and 11 so I’ll be honest in saying I was a little nervous but excited for them as camp is a big part of my childhood memories and Camp Kawartha did not disappoint!! They LOVED it – the activities, cabins, crazy staff names and stories, new friendships, new experiences! When I picked them up they were both bubbling with confidence and stories of their week adventures! Truly an awesome experience for them both – thank you!!

Parent, Session C (1-week), 2015

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