Camp Kawartha

Staff Spotlight: Food Services Manager Tina Barnes

Meet our Head Chef/Food Services Manager Tina Barnes, a wonderfully innovative cook who provides campers, students, teachers, parents and special guests with tasty, balanced meals.  We sat down with her recently to get her take on healthy Camp eating. 

Q. Tina, what is your priority when choosing a menu?

A. I think recipes should not be too complicated, using simple ingredients.  I use ‘in-season’ ingredients as much as possible, and focus on local products.  Our meals here are kid-friendly of course, but I make sure they are nutritious. 

Q. In your many years here at the Camp have you seen anything that surprises you?

A. I am surprised by the popularity of the salad bar!  It shows me that when you give kids independence they will try new things.  They might see something in the bar, and then be bold enough to try a little piece.

Q. How has the kitchen changed since you started years ago?

A. I got rid of a few menu selections and simplified the food.  I’ve added more vegetarian items, and really, most people don’t realize it is vegetarian! (Laughs)

Also, we are part of two different food co-ops.  We utilize the Trent University Market Garden and By the Bushel as suppliers of fresh goods.  We are able to use By the Bushel year-round.

Q. What do you like to have on your plate and have you incorporated it into your fare here?

A.  I love squash.  I really love squash.  I’ve also introduced rubbed kale and I am surprised how much people love that.  I love beets too, but that isn’t always a huge hit!

Try one of Tina’s tried and true seasonal recipes from the Camp Kawartha Kitchen.