Camp Kawartha

Teacher Testimonials

We are committed to providing students, teachers and parent volunteers with the best outdoor education experience possible. Below are some letters and comments we have received from teachers about their visit to our centre.

If you want to take an elementary class on an overnight excursion, you must go to Camp Kawartha. The staff, facilities, education and food are second to none!

Ian GillTeacherFallingbrook PS, WhitbyGrade 6

Camp Kawartha is a rich learning experience for all students. Learning goes beyond the curriculum and includes life skills such as: community building, curiosity, and a joy of our Ontario environment. I will always bring my students here.

Andrew WiltonTeacherWestmount PSGrade 6

Our experiences at Camp Kawartha have been phenomenal! Our “city kids” have truly gained a greater appreciation for nature and our environment, as well as have experiences and take risks they would never have had the opportunity for in their daily lives. We love Camp Kawartha and will be back again next year!

Paul Mageau, Erin Bridgeford, Darren Pankhurst, John ZubacTeachersJosyf Cardinal SlipyjGrade 4-7

Our school’s 14 year relationship with Camp Kawartha is built upon the foundation of excellence and commitment found at all levels of the C.K. family.

Will WoodsTeacherRidpath PSGrade 6

You can always depend on a great experience at Camp Kawartha with Ontario Curriculum links, great facilities, friendly, knowledgeable staff and a well run program. We look forward to returning each year for many years to come. A quote from the kids: “Do we have to leave?”

Judy LohnesTeacherWestmount PSGrade 6

Thank you to all of you and your staff for providing such a wonderful experience for the children of C.R.Gummow, Cobourg, I was fortunate enough to be a chaperone along with my daughter. We had some great bonding moments at the camp learning and having fun. Your camp councillors were all wonderful and you should be proud of them and your facility. Thank you Jacob for showing me the coin trick!

I read your editorial in Northumberland Kids magazine and the wife and I have discussed setting aside one afternoon dedicated to the natural outdoors for our 3 daughters. We live on 30 acres in Northumberland and have our own little wildlife habitat that we are nurturing with planting and involvement from the Northumberland Stewardship Council and Trees Ontario

Thank you for your inspiration!

MartinChaperoneC.R. Gummow PS

Camp Kawartha’s programs have been a wonderful learning experience for our students. Linked to the Ontario curriculum, the programs (provided at Camp Kawartha) are engaging and rich in team-building opportunities. The staff are very knowledgeable at what they do and are always available to assist the kids at any time. Their ability to motivate the students and adopt different teaching styles promoted an enthusiastic learning opportunity and guaranteed success for all in each of the program areas. We look forward to future visits!

Grade 7 class

Daniel Diamanti, Natasha Giorgio, John Zubac, Erin Bridgeford, Paul Mageau, Darren PankhurstJosyf Cardinal Slipyj

Jacob, Jacob, Jacob,

Another amazing three days at Kawartha. Simply amazing! Thanks again for your generosity and kindness. The kids had an awesome experience. Many thanks to ALL of the staff for making it a huge success.

Much admiration,

Douglas Penfold

I have brought students from three different schools for over ten years now. Every year students claim their CK experience is the best part of the year. I have students from years gone by who keep in touch & still talk about the trip to CK. A jewel that needs to be treasured. Every child should get the opportunity to go at least once.

Kevin WollacottTeacherNorth Cavan PSGrade 6

Camp Kawartha provided an exceptional experience from start to finish. The booking process was straight forward, the camp staff is friendly, knowledgeable & engaging. We highly recommend the program.

Sherry VanderkooiTeacherAvalon Montessori SchoolGrade 3-8

My students had a fantastic time at Camp Kawartha. They learned about the fur trade by actually participating in it and that experience was invaluable. The staff was knowledgeable, creative, and accommodating and I will be back next year for sure! Thanks for everything.

Ryan AdamsTeacherTerry Fox PSGrade 7

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