Camp Kawartha

Camp Kawartha Capital Campaign

Branching Out for a Sustainable Future

There are so many issues facing children today, from climate change, to habitat destruction and from pollution to overpopulation. It is easy to become discouraged in the face of what seems like a bleak future. At Camp Kawartha we believe that environmental education is an act of hope. That we can inspire children to become active caretakers of their own communities by showing what effective, sustainable living looks like and by teaching them to appreciate, protect and enhance the living systems that nurture us all.

Every child, at every age can engage in simple acts of green. Whether it means creating a pollinator garden or planting a tree – whether it means naturalizing a shoreline or finding ways to become more energy efficient, we all can make our communities more nature rich and our lives more sustainable. At Camp Kawartha, we want to foster the next generation of environmental leaders. Camp Kawartha also recognizes it takes a village to foster stewardship. This is work that we cannot undertake alone.

This is why we are inviting you to join us on our journey as we work towards our future. Camp Kawartha is preparing to undertake a $3M capital campaign to support our vision of becoming a provincial leader in the delivery of environmental and outdoor education programming.

The priorities of our campaign are as follows:

Central Hub Addition and Renovation – $2,337,000

  • Remove the current dining hall and replace it with a structure showcasing green architecture (Rotary Hall would be retained). The new dining hall would have a residence constructed at the back end of the hall where washrooms, dining hall, kitchen and Rotary Hall would all be located on one level.
  • Move Health Centre into aforementioned space. CK’s current Health Centre is in a small, poorly constructed cabin that cannot properly accommodate overall health care needs.
  • Increasing Outdoor Education, Weekend Rental and Summer Camp capacity would be a huge impact on revenue, enabling CK to increase by 30 to 50%. Every new build is a sustainable teaching opportunity.

Greening of Infrastructure to include a wetland area (Septic System Upgrade) – $436,000

  • Fund an innovate septic system that uses the latest in green technology – perhaps a wetland water treatment system. The intent is to showcase to teachers, parents, visitors and students how we can responsibly deal with human waste.

Reconfiguration of Site (Parking Lot expansion and Workshop) – $319,000

  • Moving maintenance to a location to the north and east of current building and expanding the current parking lot to the south. This will enable the Camp to reclaim the section in front of the office and have space to create a food garden. Not only will this expand the capacity to grow food (and to teach kids about organic gardening), CK will have created a beautiful, green entrance and expanded its commons as recommended by the Site and Facilities Master Plan.

Total Campaign Goal: $3,092,000