Camp Kawartha

Outdoor Education Subsidy Fund

outdoor-educationOur Outdoor Education programs capitalizes on a child’s inborn enthusiasm for outdoor learning. We use drama, storytelling, games and hands-on activities to make learning engaging and meaningful for students of all ages. Our programs are carefully crafted, innovative and linked to the new Ontario curriculum. For example, students can practice hunting insects as they crouch on our 18-foot spider’s web. Or they can listen to bird songs through our 4-foot replica deer ear. Our 25 nature and science programs teach students about the animals, birds, plants, insects and natural communities that can be found in this region.

Students can also participate in our Historical programming by becoming partners in the North-West Company in our Fur Trade Program. Or dressed as Voyageurs, students paddle replica North Canoes, singing songs and listening to stories from this remarkable period in Canadian history.

Sponsor an inner city class to attend our outdoor education programming

Donations to our outdoor education subsidy fund can be made online through, or if you prefer a cheque can be mailed to Camp Kawartha using our printable donation form.