Camp Kawartha

Summer Camp Testimonials – continued

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Matisse loved the camp again this year, we will miss Percy, MFG.

Parent, Day Camp, 2016

This was our son’s first time at overnight camp. He had a great time and wants to do a 2 week program next year. He had lots of fun and loved all his time outdoors. His younger brother is looking forward to going to camp for his first time next year. The staff was great, very friendly and helpful.

Parent, Session D1, 2016

We are so thrilled to have discovered Camp Kawartha and have it be part of our daughter’s growing up years.  She has truly blossomed and there is nothing like the sense of family that develops at camp.  Camp instills the same values that we have at home while inspiring our daughter to be the best person she can be!

Parent, WCSD, 2016

My kids best summer memories are from Camp Kawartha. They talk about it all year long!

Parent, Session A & D, 2016

Our boys mature and learn so much at camp. They get so excited when they talk about their past summers at Camp Kawartha and often say “next summer at camp I will do …”. It is good to see them cherishing those experiences and gaining all those life skills. Thank you!

Parent, PLC & CSD, 2016

Our 6 and 8 year old sons tried the 1 night stay at Camp Kawartha for the very first time at the beginning of the summer. It went so well, they couldn’t wait to go back, so we put them in for 3 nights – that too was a huge success. They returned to us with a renewed sense of confidence, awareness and independence.
It’ll be 1 week next year!

Parent, CK Overnight & Session N, 2016

Alanna spends a lot of time with adults.  Camp Kawartha is a wonderful opportunity for her to spend time with young people.  I see a big difference in her maturity and independence after camp. She’s 9 years old and this was her 5th year at Camp Kawartha.  She is already talking about next year.

Parent, Session D1, 2016

We didn’t know a lot about Camp Kawartha when we registered, it was a bit of a leap of faith. It was a great choice. Our daughter had a fantastic time and is looking forward to next year.

Parent, Session D1, 2016

Both of my daughters have been going to camp for a few years now and love going, both with friends from their hometown and solo.  They feel comfortable in the environment, love the activities and for growing girls, love the food!  One has a milk intolerance and I think she eats better at camp than at home.  Love the independence they gain.  Happy.

Parent, Session E2, 2016

We love the variety of activities that the kids are exposed to. We also love that the staff gets them excited about activities that they would never do at home – if we even tried to get them to muck about in a wetland it would be a non-starter, but my daughter looks forward to it every year at the camp.

Parent, Day Camp, 2016

Kindercamp was an excellent experience for our 5 year old. She loved going everyday and had experiences she would never get in the city. The counselors were very enthusiastic and the adult to child ratio was impressive. We hope this is the start of a long relationship with Camp Kawartha!

Parent, Kinder Camp, 2016