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Why Camp Names?
A camp name is a reputation, and a right of passage to becoming Camp Kawartha staff. More than a title, it becomes a definition of a staff’s character. It also protects the privacy of that staff member. The camp is happy to share the real names of our staff at a parent’s request.

“Erin absolutely loved the staff. When she got home she went on the website to check them all out. We were both amazed at the depth of talent and stewardship that each possessed. Certainly rubs off on the campers.” (From parent/camper survey)

Executive Director

Jacob Rodenburg : Executive Director

Jacob Rodenburg

Executive Director

Jacob has taught in the field of Outdoor Education for almost 30 years. He is currently the Executive Director of Camp Kawartha, a summer camp and outdoor education centre.  He recently received recognition from the Canadian Network for Environmental Education & Communication as an Outstanding Educator and the Stony Lake Environmental Award for his work in promoting environmental education in the region.   In 2010, Jacob received the Award for Leadership in Environmental Education by the Ontario Society of Environmental Educators, offered annually to one or more persons who have demonstrated outstanding leadership in Environmental Education for at least five years.   In 2007, he was awarded the Richards Education Award for excellence in Natural History Education from Ontario Nature.  He teaches at Trent University in environmental education.  Jacob graduated from Trent University with a joint major in environmental studies and geography. He holds a teacher’s certificate and a Master’s in Education.  He has published a number of articles on children, nature and the environment.   Recently Jacob co-authored The Big Book of Nature Activities which won a gold medal from the Green Book Festival, a double gold from Nautilus Book Awards, a silver medal from Moonbeam Children’s Award and was a finalist for the Indie (Independent) Book Awards.  Jacob spearheaded the construction of one of Canada’s most sustainable buildings at Trent University called the Camp Kawartha Environment Centre.  This unique facility teaches children and future teachers about sustainable living practices, alternative energy and conservation.  Jacob is also working with stakeholders throughout the region to create an environmental framework for children of all ages.  Called the Pathway to Stewardship, this approach to environmental education helps provide children with the experiences they need in order to become future stewards.  Jacob also helped to establish the Peterborough/Kawartha area as a designated UNESCO Regional Centre of Expertise in environment and sustainability education.
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Summer Camp Director

Adam Strasberg (aka “Wham”) : Summer Camp Director

Adam Strasberg (aka “Wham”)

Summer Camp Director

I came to Camp Kawartha back in 2003 and it was one of the best decisions of my life! Now, I'm coming up on year 14, and I still get the same rush for camp as I did back in 2003.  Much of my reward comes from working with such an awesome staff and our families that value camp just as much as I do!  I've been a qualified teacher since 1996. I love Camp Kawartha because it puts such a high premium on having a positive attitude and being a role model.

We pride ourselves on environmental sustainability and teaching these lessons to our campers - our future leaders. Camp is about having fun, making lasting friendships, and building character. I cannot imagine spending my summer in any other place. 

Summer Camp Director's Messages

Senior Staff

Twist : Assistant Director


Assistant Director

This summer will mark my tenth on staff, and fifteenth at Camp Kawartha. This past year I have been working at a first nations high school in northern ontatrio which has been an amazing experience. I can’t wait to be back at Camp Kawartha as it is my home away from home, and the connections I have made there just keep getting stronger. The thing I love most about camp are the people. They are responsible for all the memories and great times I remember when I remember being a camper.

As a kid I was always intrigued by the environment and loved exploring the outdoors. Camp has shown me the value of taking an active role living a more sustainable lifestyle and even pursuing a degree in Environmental Studies.

Bruiser : Assistant Director


Assistant Director

Hi campers and families! My name is Bruiser and I will be coming back as one of the Assistant Directors. I am returning to Camp Kawartha after two years away. This will be my 5th year on staff and 13th in total at this camp. I have never been so excited for summer and I can’t wait to see old faces and meet all the new campers! This year I finished my 4th and final year at McGill University in International Development Studies. Living in Montreal has been so fun and rewarding but I am looking forward to getting out of the city for the summer. Camp has always been a family for me, both because my brother, sister and cousins have attended but also because the people at CK are some of the kindest, most fun loving I have ever met! I am also looking forward to canoeing as much as possible on the beautiful lake. See you at CK!

Camp opened my eyes to the importance of conservation. Living in a city means I walk everywhere and always recycle! I have also supported a variety of eco-friendly initiatives on my university campus. Every little bit helps to ensure that generations after us can enjoy the beauty of nature!

Oz : Managing Director


Managing Director

My name is Oz, and this is my fifth year as part of the CK team, and 11th overall! I’ve been coming to Camp Kawartha since I was 10 years old, and seeing the hugely positive impact it has had on campers and staff alike is incredible. For the past two summers, I’ve directed the Counselor Skills Development Program and this year I’m excited to be returning as the camp’s Managing Director. I’m going into my final year at the University of Ottawa, where I will be completing their Bachelor of Commerce program with a major in Human Resource Management. While Ottawa is a great city, it’s Camp that I look forward to all year, and I can’t wait to spend another amazing summer on Clear Lake!

I walk almost everywhere and take public transportation when I can't. My beat-up, sticker-and-duct-tape covered orange Nalgene water bottle comes with me everywhere I go!

Fabio : Head Male Counselor


Head Male Counselor

I can’t wait to be back at Camp Kawartha for another great summer! I’ve been going to camp here for 12 years now, and this will be my seventh year on staff. This summer I will be returning as the Male Head Counsellor, which is extremely exciting! I just finished my first year at the Faculty of Education at UWO, where I am a Teacher Candidate. I had two placements in high schools and both went great! I also had the opportunity to help coach the swim tam at one of my schools. Throughout the year, I’ve been teaching a robotics class for kids aged 8-12 using LEGO which has been really fun. I went to a few day-camps as a kid but Camp Kawartha was my first overnight camp and I never considered going anywhere else afterwards. Camp is one of my absolute favorite places and an environment I think all kids should experience!

To live green during the year I make sure to recycle as much as possible, and to always use a reusable water bottle. I also walk almost everywhere, or take public transit if somewhere is too far for walking. Living green is important, especially if we all do our part!

Fang : Head Female Counselor


Head Female Counselor

I could not be more excited to be returning to camp for my 5th year on staff and 11th year in total! Last summer I got the opportunity to be Head Female Counsellor in August and this summer, I am very excited to spend the entire summer in that role! I cannot wait to welcome old and new faces, and ensure that every camper has the best CK experience possible! I just finished up my third year at Dalhousie University in the Kinesiology program. In my free time, I am very involved with both Dal’s dance society and dance team. I also volunteer with Autism Nova Scotia and the children’s hospital in Halifax, both of which I have absolutely adored. Camp continues to be my two favourite months of the year – the best part being the warm, welcoming staff and campers! I love how much camp helps you grow as a person, regardless of your age. Can’t wait to see you all on Clear Lake!

Camp has taught me so much about the importance of the environment over the years and I try my best to live greener by doing small things in my everyday life. I always use a reusable water bottle and coffee mug. Halifax is a small city – I love this because it means that I am able to avoid driving and can walk almost anywhere!

Baloo : Wilderness Director


Wilderness Director

This summer will be my 13th summer at Camp Kawartha and my 10th summer working here. Camp has always been a large part of my life and this year will be my 19th at an overnight summer camp. I graduated from the University of Toronto with a degree in Philosophy and English. In my free time, I enjoy playing Ultimate Frisbee and am a volunteer coach at my old high school (Harbord Collegiate Institute). I am very excited to be running the LIT program with Breezy in July and the WLIT program in August.

As for keeping it green, I love to take advantage of good weather and hang my laundry out to dry instead of using the dryer. I also do my fair share of recycling and composting. Living in Toronto, I try to get around on foot or by using the convenient transit system.

Breezy : LIT Director


LIT Director

Hello campers and parents! I’m super excited for my fourteenth beautiful CK summer and my sixth on staff. I am incredibly excited to be working with the LITs once again this summer! The LIT program is very special to me and I can't wait to share it with a whole new group of campers! This year, I graduated from Bishop's University with a double major in Biology and Psychology, and was also very lucky to be able to work with an adolescent psychology professor and the Students Commission of Canada on a super cool youth project! In the fall, I will begin my masters in Public Health at the University of Guelph! In my spare time, I love to cook, read, and spend time outside. I love camp for the amazing people that it has brought into my life, the canoe trips, and the magic that is camp. Most of all, I love that even months after I’ve gone home, just the thought of camp brings a smile to my face. The countdown to the beginning of camp starts the second I get home!

Camp has taught me the importance of living greener. I walk to campus every day, carry a re-usable water bottle with me everywhere I go, and try to make eco-conscious decisions every day!

Rally : CSD Director


CSD Director

Hey everyone! I’m Rally and this marks 12 wonderful summers for me at Camp Kawartha, and my fourth on staff! I just finished my second year at Wilfrid Laurier University where I am studying Kinesiology and minoring in Biology. During the year, I love keeping active in my school community as a member of the Field Hockey Team and by participating in intramurals, which is how I keep busy outside of camp. I am so looking forward to another summer with the CSDs, which I know is going to be a blast! Camp K has always been such a safe, fun, and amazing environment consisting of hardworking staff and wonderful campers. I couldn't imagine spending my summer anywhere else!

The ways I easily accomplish living a greener lifestyle are turning off lights and electronics when leaving a room and unplugging appliances when they are not in use. I also try to walk or use public transit wherever I go. I believe that if everyone can do a few little things, it can have a huge impact!

Loki : Environmental Director


Environmental Director

Hey there! Loki here looking forward to another summer spent exploring nature and our beautiful forests with campers. There is nothing I enjoy more than seeing the look of a camper holding their first frog, or lighting their first fire. This will be my third summer at Camp Kawartha, and I can’t wait to build more memories with our campers. During the rest of the year I am an educator at both Camp Kawartha and GreenUP in Peterborough.

I try to bike to camp whenever I can to reduce my carbon footprint, and during the year when I work at Camp Kawartha I always try to carpool with my fellow instructors.

Tripet : Land Activity Director


Land Activity Director

Hi there! This is Tripet checking in after a full year living and working on site here at the Kawartha Outdoor Education Centre. Over this period I have worked with thousands of students, campers, and participants to facilitate memorable experiences in trust and team building, survival skills, and adventure programming. Outdoor education has become my life and with that I get to combine my hobbies of fly fishing and fly tying, rock climbing, hiking, bushcraft, and all around adventuring, all while sharing my experiences and learning everyday about the world around us.

Sustainable practices like hanging my laundry, carrying my trusty water bottle, catch and release fishing, eating everything off my plate, and practicing leave no trace are ways I try to keep the environment available for future generations.

Bulma : Resource Director


Resource Director

Hi friends, I’m super excited to be returning for my seventh year on staff (& twelfth overall)! In the off-season I work at an after-school care program and with the public library, and I’ve just graduated from Western University. I’m really looking forward to spending more time one-on-one with campers this year as well as with my One True Love: Arts and Crafts. Camp Kawartha is an amazing place because it’s an environment where we can all grow, have fun, and really be ourselves. Catch ya on Clear Lake! B-)

To keep green I do all the classics: switch off lights when they’re not needed, recycle, compost, and bike or walk instead of driving. I make an effort to pick up trash when I spot it, I’m vegetarian, and do my best to eat local foods when I can. I also avoid plastic water bottles like the plague!!

Fifi : Day Camp Director


Day Camp Director

Hello Everyone! My name is Fifi and I have had the pleasure of spending my last 14 summers at Camp Kawartha, the last four as a part of staff. I am more excited than ever to be returning to the Day Camp staff for another great summer. Camp has always been an amazing place for me to be and has taught me so much about myself. The bonds made between myself and the fellow counselors and campers are unmatched and I cannot get enough of Kawartha. I just finished my third year at Queens University with many other staff members where I spend most of my days playing a variety of sports and studying hard for my classes. I am most excited to be back at camp this summer to spend unlimited time in the outdoors and away from technology where I hope to provide new campers with the same welcoming experiences I received as a younger camper. See you this summer!

 I try to act environmentally friendly by walking or biking wherever I go rather than driving. I do this because it is good for the environment and I also get to enjoy being outside and enjoying the fresh air and all the people around me.

Dyson : Waterfront Director


Waterfront Director

Hi everyone! I am so excited to be coming back for the 12th summer at camp and my 5th year on staff. The waterfront has always been one of my favourite places on camp so I could not be more excited to be returning this summer as the Waterfront director. I have just finished my 3rd year at Queens university where I major in Economics and minor in World Languages. It has been a great year but I truly can’t wait to return to Camp Kawartha, my home away from home. It is a place where everyone is encouraged to be himself or herself, where amazing memories and friendships can be created. Camp has always been the most incredible time of the year and I can’t wait to share my love for camp and swimming with all new and returning campers.

Camp has taught me the importance of living green, Living in Kingston everything is so close so I walk or bike everywhere. I try to encourage my friends and family to be more environmentally friendly by doing simple things like turning off lights and recycling and I can never be found without my reusable water bottle in hand.

Sanders : Programming Director


Programming Director

This will be my 11th summer at Camp Kawartha and my fourth year on staff! Outside of camp i have been working on a a lot of art, including painting, cartooning, and life drawing. I am super excited to be at camp this year, and cant wait to meet new friends. This year in particular, i am stoked to spend lots of time in the arts and crafts centre, as its one of my favorite areas of camp to hang out.

When I'm not at camp, i like to stay green by managing the recycling in the art rooms at my school! People tend to throw away lots of unused paper, and other materials that can still be used. Its really simple, each sheet i save, is one step closer to a more eco-friendly world!

Pablo : PLC Director


PLC Director

Hi everyone!
My name is Pablõ and I am so incredibly excited to be returning this summer as the PLC director. This will be my 4th summer on staff and my 8th year at camp in total. I’m thrilled to be coming full circle in my camp career, I was actually a PLC in my very first summer at camp so I’ve seen this program from almost every side and I truly love it.
During the other 10 months of the year I am a student at McMaster University where I have just completed the second year of my undergraduate degree. I’m studying Molecular Biology & Genetics with a minor in Psychology and really loving it. I was lucky enough to be accepted into the co-op program this year, which extends my degree an extra year and gives me the opportunity to gain job experience while I complete my degree. Other than classes I have been spending my time playing intramurals, volunteering with the Science Society and trying to see as many of the 150 waterfalls in Hamilton as I possibly can. In my time off before camp I’m super lucky to be travelling to Argentina on a volunteer trip with some close friends, which should help the two-month wait before camp starts go by even faster.
I can’t wait to meet you all and spend another summer at my absolute favourite place on the planet.

In an effort to stay environmentally friendly I use my travel mug and water bottle pretty much every single day. I have been making really good use of my bus pass this year but also walking when possible. I also use refillable soap and detergent containers as well as reusable shopping bags in an extra effort to cut down on my plastic waste. Even these small changes can have such a huge effect on the future of our planet and also save you a couple bucks along the way, it’s a win-win!

Rush : Tripping Director


Tripping Director

Hi everyone! I'm Rush, and this will be my sixth summer on staff and tenth at Camp Kawartha. I'm super excited to be co-trip director with Totem this summer! Canoe tripping is one of my favourite ways to get outside, and I can't wait to help everyone have a fantastic time on trip this summer. This year, I finished my undergrad studying linguistics and psychology at McGill University, and I'm looking forward to studying speech-language pathology at Northeastern University in the fall. In my spare time, I try to get outdoors as much as possible, whether by hiking, canoeing, skiing, or ice climbing. I love being at camp because there are lots of opportunities to learn and try new things and make new friends! I can't wait for yet another incredible summer!


Camp has taught me a lot about the natural world, and I try to live more sustainably by biking or walking instead of driving, and by practicing leave-no-trace camping whenever I'm out on trip.

Totem : Tripping Director


Tripping Director

I am thrilled to be returning for my tenth wonderful summer at camp, and fifth year on staff. I am ecstatic to be Co-Trip Director this year and cannot wait to get back to the wilderness! Outside of camp, I attend Queen’s University where I have just completed my third year of Applied Mathematics and Mechanical Engineering. What keeps me coming back every year is the nurturing environment of camp that has provided me with the confidence to try things outside of my comfort zone. It is not only the staff that make Camp Kawartha such a special and wonderful place to spend the summer, but the campers as well. Each one is unique and has something different and great to offer!

I live green by limiting the number of new clothes I buy, and instead doing my best to only buy second hand. I also gave up dairy because dairy farming takes an insane toll on the environment. I have become quite the recycling enthusiast, and have been promoting good recycling practices to my friends and family. Fun fact: to recycle a tissue box, you must separate the plastic lining from the cardboard box. I only use my reusable water bottle and walk or bike whenever I can. If I do drive, I do my best to carpool.


Sarasota : Assistant CSD Director


Assistant CSD Director

Hey everyone! My name’s Sarasota and this will be my 7th wonderful summer at Camp Kawartha! I couldn’t be more excited for camp this summer, it’s always the highlight of my year. CK is such a great place because of the people. Everyone is so welcoming and caring, I can truly be myself at camp and that’s why I come back year after year. Outside of camp I’ve had quite an exciting year! I’ve spent the past 5 months backpacking around Southeast Asia and Australia!! I did so many fun things like snorkeling in Vietnam, I visited Angkor Wat in Cambodia, and I climbed a volcano in Bali! It was the best thing I’ve ever done and solo travelling taught me so many life lessons. In September I’m headed to Queens University, so there’s still big things to come! Between now and university will be another amazing summer spent at camp and I’m sure it’ll be another great one!

This year while travelling I’ve stayed green by always using my reusable water bottle and always taking public transit or walking in every city I visited! Now that I’m home the veggie garden is starting to sprout and my family has recently become obsessed with reusable fabric Ziploc bags so that we don’t create as much garbage.

Kendrick : Co-Intermediates Director


Co-Intermediates Director

Hello everyone! My name is Kendrick and I am super excited to be coming back to camp for my eighth year and my fourth on staff! I just finished my second year at Mount Allison University where I study biochemistry and play for the Varsity Women’s Hockey team! I can’t wait to get back to camp and enjoy all of the amazing things camp has to offer! The energy and enthusiasm brought to every activity make camp a fun and exciting place and I can’t think of any way I would rather spend my summer!

I try to live green through small day to day actions such as turning off the lights and using reusable water bottles. Recycling is one of my main priorities and I encourage everyone to do their part to live green!
Roshi : Co-Intermediates Director


Co-Intermediates Director

Hi everyone! I’ll be returning for my 4th year on staff and 11th year at camp overall and could not be more excited for this summer! I’m extremely excited to be returning this summer as a co-director of the Intermediates program alongside Kendrick in July and then become the assistant LIT director in August! I have just finished my second year at Wilfrid Laurier University where I major in the Global Studies porgram and minor in Environmental Studies. I have had an amazing time so far and looking forward to the next 2 years! I love Camp Kawartha because it has always been like a second home to me and holds a special place in my heart. Through my years at camp I have developed leadership skills, a love for the environment and many great life long friendships. This camp is such a joy to go to because you have the freedom to be yourself no matter what. It is such an amazing and energetic atmosphere to work in and I couldn’t imagine a summer without it.

I do my best to live a greener life by always using a reusable water bottle, walking and/or busing almost everywhere I go, eat a litterless lunch, and recycle. I always make sure to turn off the taps and lights whenever possible. Camp Kawartha has taught me that by educating yourself and other about our planet and all amazing things it does for us, further encourages us to do our part in trying to live a greener life!

Batta : PLC Specialist


PLC Specialist

This summer is my 7th at camp, and 3rd on staff. I can’t stop coming back because the community is so great and offers a home away from home. When I’m not at camp I try to keep up on my schoolwork and stay involved in my school. I also spend a lot of time improvising and (hopefully) making people laugh at Second City in Toronto.

My family and I try our best to stay environmentally friendly, using appliances as little as possible and simply turning things off when they’re not in use. And when they are in use, we’ve started energy efficient options for nearly everything.

Eggo : PLC Specialist


PLC Specialist

Hi everyone! I have been going to Camp Kawartha for 7 years now! This will be my third year on staff and I’m so excited to be the PLC specialist. Funky fact, I was in the PLC program my very first year at camp! During the school year, I go to the University of Kings Collage in Halifax. I’m doing my undergrad in sustainability and philosophy. I’m so excited to be spending another summer at camp! It’s my home away from home. Everyone at camp is so accepting and loving. I especially love the atmosphere and the people. The friends I’ve made over the years I know I will keep for a lifetime.

Camp has taught me the importance of being greener; I try to be green in my life outside of camp by walking as much as I can and when I can’t walk, taking public transit. I try not to print too much and recycle. I am enrolled in the sustainability program at Dalhousie University. The program has taught me how much the little things can count towards a more sustainable environment. Keeping our earth healthy and clean is extremely important!

Banting : Environmental Specialist


Environmental Specialist

Hey everybody! My name is Banting, and this will be my first year on staff. I have just completed my second year at Trent majoring in Biology with a specialization in conservation biology, and I have fallen in love with Peterborough and the Kawarthas. I can’t wait to share my love of nature and the environment through my role as an environmental specialist this summer! At Trent, I am a member of the rowing team, the wildlife society, and I am returning for my second year as an Orientation Week leader. I have a feeling that this is going to be one of the best summers ever, and I can’t wait to meet everyone!

I make an effort to live greener by carrying my reusable water bottle everywhere I go, biking and taking public transport all the time, and even growing some of my own vegetables in the backyard with my housemates!

Frito : Assistant Programming Director


Assistant Programming Director

HI there I’m Frito and this Summer I will be the Assistant Programming Director. That is the long way of saying that I’m one of the people in charge of having activities happening every day. This will be my fourth year on staff and am looking forward to another great summer with all of you. This year I did my first year at George Brown College for video game programming. One of my favourite part of camp is the waterfront and am looking forward to kayaking and paddle boarding.

I try my best to be environmentally friendly by carpooling/ taking public transit everywhere I go and using a reusable water bottle.

Picasso : Intermediate Specialist


Intermediate Specialist

Hey everyone, my name is Picasso and I am one of the Intermediate Specialist this summer. This will be my tenth year at Camp Kawartha and third on staff. I can’t wait to be back again for another spectacular summer. I am currently studying Landscape Architecture at the University of Guelph. I love Camp Kawartha because of the fantastic community that it creates. I love Camp Kawartha because of the inclusive environment and amazing staff members and campers. Everyone feels welcomed no matter who you are. I love to stay active and play sports like soccer, Frisbee, and basketball. I also do enjoy relaxing by the water reading a book or doing a craft.

Camp has been such a huge influence on me, which is why I try to live a “greener” life. One way I do this is by using reusable water bottles every day. I hope that during your amazing time here at Camp Kawartha, you too will learn and practice a lifestyle that is “greener”. I cannot wait to meet you all!

Barbosa : Ropes Specialist


Ropes Specialist

Hi there! It’s crazy to think that this year will mark a decade since I began coming to Camp Kawartha. I’m coming back for my fourth year on staff and second as the Ropes Specialist. Since last summer I’ve been keeping busy finishing my second year at Ryerson University in the English BA program, taking a minor in French studies. At school, I’m a Senior Group Leader on the Orientation Committee and am also excited to be taking part in an exchange program to study in France in 2018! Other than that, this spring I spent my time coaching water polo and travelling with friends. Looking forward to the summer, I can’t wait to break in the BRAND NEW ROCK WALL and hope to give every camper the opportunity to have a blast on the ropes course. This is going to be a phenomenal summer and I can’t wait to spend every day having fun in the sun!

I take steps to live ‘greener’ by walking or biking on my commute school and work in attempts to lower my carbon footprint!

Recyclops : Resource Specialist


Resource Specialist

I'm so pumped to be coming back for my eleventh year at camp and third year on staff! This summer I'll be returning to my role as resource specialist and I couldn't be more excited to be doing so. During the school year I've been at Trent University studying Nursing and it's been an absolute blast! I'll also be working as a tree planter for two months before camp which should be an interesting and challenging experience. I grow more and more excited as the countdown for this summer nears it's end and I get to spend another two months at my favourite place on earth. Summer 2017 here we come! .

I try to be environmentally friendly by walking to most places I need to go and by using a reusable bottle for tea, hoping to make some cedar tea in it this summer!

McCoy : Waterfront Activity Specialist


Waterfront Activity Specialist

Hey everyone! I’ve been going to camp for twelve years now and I have loved every step along the way! I began as a camper who was afraid of the dark and the thought of overnight camp was frightening to me. Camp’s friendly and inclusive nature as well as many activities has kept me coming back for the years to come! I I am currently doing a variety of sports and activities from volleyball to ultimate Frisbee. Camp allows me to get away from my busy life, and enjoy nature, as well as enjoy the people who all bring different experiences to camp!

I am always trying to become more eco-friendly everyday since I have begun coming to camp! I always eat my lunches in glass containers, clean up litter wherever I see it, and walk whenever I can!


Shortstop : Tripper



Hi everyone! My name is Shortstop and for my fourth summer on staff and my tenth at Camp Kawartha I am super excited to be a Senior Tripper! I just finished up my second year at Queen’s University where I am studying politics and global development. I am so excited for the summer and I can’t wait to help campers get the tripping experience I love so much! Trip is (in my opinion) the best part of camp because it helps campers learn to dig deep and overcome obstacles all while experiencing the beauty of untouched nature and bonding with their friends. I can’t wait for the summer to start and what better place to spend it than at CK!

Camp has cultivated a strong love of nature and the environment in me. To do my part to help the environment and promote green living I am a strong believer in the impact of “the little things”, such as lights and water bottles. I find that the best way to change your practices is to be mindful of your personal impact – we all have a part to play in helping the planet!

Barnacle : Tripper



Hey everyone! As of this summer I’ve been going to Camp Kawartha for 6 years. I’ve loved every minute of those 6 summers, and I’m super excited to be returning. A couple of the things that I really love about camp is the positivity and enthusiasm of everybody. It’s such a happy place for everybody to be and we’re all just trying to make the best of our time there. I’ve volunteered numerous places, including helping coach minor hockey, as well as working as a volunteer counsellor at CK during Session N. Over the last year, I spent two and a half months travelling South-East Asia, Australia and Fiji during the fall. During my travels I really found that I grew as a person and it really helped me gain a better understanding of what goes on in the world, not just the bubble that is North America. As for hobbies, I regularly play music with a band and try and spend a lot of my time outdoors, hiking, biking, running and so on. I’m looking to get into whitewater kayaking over the next year if I have the funds available to do so.
Peace + Love, and I can’t wait for this summer!


As well as all of this other stuff, I do my own bit to try and help the environment. I walk anywhere within reasonable distance, or carpool and take public transit anywhere else. I try and limit my carbon footprint by drinking from a reusable water bottle, as well as doing as much as I can to limit water and electricity usage. I think this is a pretty good summary of me, so I’ll leave it there!

Ryder : Tripper



Hi all! I cannot wait to return to camp this year for my 2nd year on staff, and 6th year at the lovely Camp Kawartha! I am super passionate about being outside, which is why I am thrilled to be returning as a tripper this year. I am currently finishing up my grade 12 year at I.E. Weldon Secondary School in Lindsay, Ontario, where I take part in the school basketball, volleyball, hockey, and soccer teams, while juggling the international baccalaureate and French immersion programs. I also work with my school’s athletic union, which managed to become the 2nd highest pledge collector in Ontario for the Terry Fox Foundation this year! When I’m not busy doing things with my school, I love to travel (I spent this past Christmas break in Spain), and relax with some yoga. Camp Kawartha is like a second home to me. It is a place where I can be myself, while surrounded by a great group of motivated people.

I act environmentally conscious year round by saving water as much as I can through things like shorter and colder showers. I also have been a vegetarian for almost 2 years in order to cut down on my ecological footprint.

Cher : Tripper



I have been at Camp Kawartha for eight amazing years and this will be my ninth year, and the third as a camp counsellor! I swim competitively for the Trent Swim Club and hold my lifeguarding certification. In the fall of 2016, I attend the University of Guelph where I am seeking a Bachelor of Arts and Sciences with a specialty in Biology. I hope to go on to be a Genetic Counsellor.
I love Camp Kawartha because of all of the supportive and friendly people there. As a camper, I have made friends that I will keep for a lifetime and I hope to make many more. I love the water-based activities at the camp like swimming, windsurfing, kayaking and sailing, as well as the land-based activities like archery, arts and crafts, land sports and tripping. I love meeting new people!

Camp Kawartha’s environmental values stress the importance of nature. As an environmental steward, I make certain I shut off the lights when not needed, use natural light where possible, limit the time I spend in showers, drink from a re-useable water bottle, eat with a litter-less lunch every day, car pool to swim practices, and recycle. I know that each of these small efforts will have a great impact on our planet!

Bristol : Tripper



Hey there! I’m incredibly excited to start my first ever summer at Camp Kawartha! I’ve been camping since I was a kid and for the past three summers I’ve been working with the Girl Guides of Ontario camping programs. During the year, I study Outdoor Adventure Leadership at Laurentian University. I’m currently in the process of planning a mountain trekking expedition in South America with some of the other students in my program. I’m so blessed to be able to do what I love year round- no matter what the season I always find the time to get out on the water or hit the trails! I’m looking forward to spending my summer outside and sharing my love of nature with campers!

Since I love the outdoors so much it’s very important to me that I do my best to preserve it. When I’m on trip I try to follow Leave No Trace principles as much as possible, and when I’m at home I try to reduce my footprint by recycling, buying used clothes and gear, and eating a sustainable, plant-based diet.

Female Counselors

Synatra :


Hello beautiful people, I’m Synatra!
This will be my 11th year at Camp Kawartha and my second year on staff. I am currently finishing up
Grade 12 at Harbord Collegiate Institute in downtown Toronto and am going to be attending Ryerson
University in the fall for Media Production! In my free time, I play guitar and I run.The thing that I love
the most at camp is the amazing friendships that are made and the great memories I know I will have
for a lifetime. I’m so happy to have an opportunity to continue this and to have another amazing
summer on the lovely Clear Lake!

Going to Camp Kawartha has definitely made me more aware of the environment. I stay green by composting and recycling and turning off the water when I'm not using it, and turning off all lights when they are not being used either! I walk, bike or take public transit every day.

Güenza :


Hello everyone, this summer I’ll be returning for my fourth year to Camp Kawartha, my second as a staff member! I live in Madrid, Spain and I am currently studying engineering at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. I’ve loved Camp since the first day I arrived and I could not be happier to come back this summer to live new adventures, go on trips and make the best out of this summer!

Throughout the year, I try to live greener by taking the subway anywhere I go to help reduce the high pollution levels in the city, as well as taking short showers and turning off the lights when I’m not using them.>

Geller :


Hi there! I could not be more excited for this summer - it’s going to be my eleventh year at Camp Kawartha, and my second year on staff! I can’t wait to be a cabin counsellor, I’ve been dreaming of it ever since my very first summer at Kawartha! When I’m not in school I’m often rehearsing for plays or going for hikes around Toronto! I love the arts, and ‘Drance’ (drama/dance) and Eco Skills are my absolute favourite things to do at camp! I can’t wait to be back at camp for yet another amazing summer!

In an attempt to stay green, I like to ride my bike everywhere that I can when it’s nice out, and take public transport when it isn’t! I’m also working on growing a small herb garden in my dining room so to cut down on waste from buying herbs!

Pria :


Hi!! I’m Pria, and this will be my tenth summer at camp and my second year on staff, and I couldn’t be more excited for this summer! I am currently finished up Grade 12 at University of Toronto Schools, and I will be attending Queen’s University in the fall for Arts and Sciences (I will also hopefully figure out what I want to focus on). I’ve loved camp ever since I arrived here as a little 8 year old, and I will always love coming here to the supportive environment where I can be myself and help campers have as much fun as I had. During the school year I’ve been working on a few different plays, as well as participating in the Best Buddies program for my school.

I try to live greener by biking wherever I can, using a reusable water bottle and trying to cut down on waste.

Bungano :


Hey everyone! I am super excited to be coming back to Camp. This will be my second summer at Camp Kawartha and my first summer on staff. I just finished Grade 11 at Rosedale Heights School of the Arts where I major in drama and this year I got be one of the Stage Managers for the main play. I love reading and writing and I recently wrote a short story that won a contest and was published in a magazine. I also love swimming for my school’s swim team and running. I love Camp because even though I have only been a part of the CK family for a short time I always felt welcomed from the very first minute and it’s a great place to make new friends.

I am environmentally conscious by bringing my reusable water bottle to school every day and taking public transit, walking, and biking to get around.

Mortis :


Hey everyone!! This summer will be my 9th summer at Camp Kawartha and my first on staff and I couldn’t be more excited! I’ve loved going to camp ever since my first summer because it is such a welcoming and fun place with so many friendly and caring people. I am currently in grade 11 at Northview Heights Secondary School in Toronto. Outside of school I work as a lifeguard and swim instructor.

I try to be as green as possible by taking public transit wherever I can and by never leaving lights and taps on when I’m not using them. I think it is very important to preserve the environment and I think we should all be trying our best to do so.

Steele :


Hey everyone! This summer will be my second summer at Camp Kawartha and my first on staff and I cannot wait! Camp Kawartha is a place where you can be yourself and where people accept you for who you are. I have just graduated from Lycée Claudel in Ottawa and will be attending University of Toronto in the autumn! Outside of school I volunteer for a charity called Orkidstra

I try to stay green by walking and taking the public transport every day. I also carry a water bottle at all times.

Flop :


Hey everyone,
This summer will be my sixth at camp and my first year on staff!! I have just finished my grade 11 year at Etobicoke School of The Arts where I majored in music theatre. In my spare time I like to read and play music. I love camp because it is such a welcoming and accepting environment, and it is a place where great memories are made. I can’t wait to have a great summer with everyone!

I try to live greener by taking public transit or walking almost everywhere I go, and making sure all the lights are off when I leave my room.

Telus :


Hi everyone! This is my 9th year at Camp Kawartha and my first year on staff. Ever since my
very first year I have been looking forward to one day becoming a counsellor and the day is
finally here! Currently I attend Earl Haig Secondary School in Toronto as a part of the Claude
Watson Dance program and I will be starting the 12th grade this upcoming September. My
favourite activity at camp is sailing, although aside from sailing at camp I love to read and dance
in my spare time. Additionally this past year I have been keeping myself very busy with part-time
job coaching piano to kids as well as being a part of an entrepreneurial extracurricular program
called Junior Achievement.

I have been taking the public transportation to school everyday since the 9th grade - and like to
layer up instead of turning up the heat at home in the winter!

Monarch :


Hey there! I am so excited to be returning to Camp Kawartha for my 9th year and very first on
Staff! I have just finished off my grade 11 year at Sir Oliver Mowat C.I. in Toronto. Throughout
this past year I have been involved in many sports teams such as rugby, swimming, and
dragonboat, as well as volunteering as a swim coach and Prefect at my school. No matter what is
going on during the year, I always find myself counting down the days until I can go back to
camp. The amazing experiences had and memories made here are truly once in a lifetime!. From
canoe tripping adventures, to the eccentric evening skits, Camp Kawartha and the amazing
friendships made here are something that everyone should experience. I already know this is
going to be one of the best summers yet!

I try to live ‘greener’ by walking, taking public transit, or carpooling wherever I go. I am also
very conscious of water usage and do my best to waste as little as possible. This can be done
through simple things like limiting the amount of water you use in the shower or while brushing
your teeth.

Hastings :


Hey Everyone!
This will be my first year at Camp Kawartha and I’m really excited to get to know all the campers and staff. This year I am graduating from Kenner CVI in Peterborough and next year I will be attending Trent University. My favourite class in high school was Outdoor Ed and in my spare time I like to go for hikes around the Peterborough area. I’m looking forward to an awesome summer!

I try to stay green by walking and taking public transit and whenever possible I try to buy my clothing second hand.

Willis :


Hello everyone! This will be my seventh summer returning to Camp Kawartha and my first summer on staff. Working at camp has always been a dream of mine since it is such a fun, inclusive and unique atmosphere. I’m currently finishing grade 11 at Harbord Collegiate Institute in Toronto. I spend my free time babysitting, cooking at a soup kitchen downtown, or participating in school clubs.

Camp Kawartha has given me the opportunity to really experience and learn about the environment. I apply these lessons in my day to day life by always walking or taking public transport, drinking from a reusable water bottle, and by being a member of my school’s eco team.

Brita :


Hey everyone! This summer will be my second year at Camp Kawartha and my first year on staff! I love camp, over the past year I have been welcomed with open arms and feel like family! I am currently in grade eleven at Ursula Franklin Academy in Toronto. In school, I keep myself busy being an exec. in the Environmental Alliance. I like to spend the rest of my time skiing, biking and hiking. I am looking forward to having an awesome summer with everyone at Camp Kawartha!

Earlie :


Hi everyone! This is going to be my tenth summer at camp and my first on staff and I could not be more excited. This past year I have been keeping busy on student council at York Mills C.I. I also play on the field hockey team and the water polo team which is my favourite sport. I also like to spend my time playing soccer with friends on the weekend. In my spare time I enjoy reading all kinds of books and listening to music. My favourite camp activities at camp are windsurfing and arts & crafts! Camp Kawartha is the best place on earth and I could not think of a more fun and loving place to spend my summer!

I am environmentally conscious by walking and taking public transit every day to get to school, as well as using a reusable water bottle.

Male Counselors

Llama-Glauma :


Hello people! I’m stoked to be returning for my eleventh year at camp, my second on staff. I have just graduated from Rockridge Secondary School out in British Columbia, and am excited to move out to Ottawa as I start at Carleton after this amazing summer is over. Over the course of the year I’ve participated in my schools theater production and improvisation programs, alongside both participating and instructing in the West Vancouver Youth Band where I play percussion. I’ve kept coming back to camp year after year due to the amazing attitudes and activities provided, alongside the myriad lessons that I’ve taken with me and applied to the outside world.

Camp Kawartha has encouraged me to commit myself in the pursuit of lowering my carbon footprint, and my family makes sure to be as ecologically cognizant of our waste output as possible.

Sol :


Hello! This is my seventh year at camp, and second back on staff. At the moment, I finishing up my grade twelve year at Lakefield College School, where I have been busy as student-in-charge of the music program. I participate in two bands, a string ensemble, and two choirs at my school, as well as a community choir. I enjoy camping, canoeing, kayaking, sailing, scuba diving, hockey, rock climbing, acting, and reading. Camp Kawartha is my home away from home. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming, and the time spent here is unforgettable.

I recycle whenever possible, turn off lights and appliances when they are not in use, and reduce my water usage by having quick showers and turning off the tap while brushing my teeth.

Paxton :


Hey everyone! This Summer will be my first time at Camp Kawartha and also my first time in Canada! Coming from Down Under - I naturally enjoy the great outdoors and anything to do with being outside and active in the open air. During the year I take part in Surf Lifesaving, soccer, rugby league and fishing. I’m very excited to spend all Summer meeting quality people and making some great friends!

I live greener by taking full advantage of our solar panels installed on our roof. We only use the washing machine and dishwasher during the part of the day where the panels soak up the most power. We also Recycle our food waste to our chickens and ducks, then use their waste on the veggie patch.

Slimm :


Hey my name is Slimm and this will be my 5th year coming back to camp but my first year on staff, I'm currently finishing up my grade 11 year and super excited to be back at camp. Currently I’m in a band with two of my best friends and writing and hanging out is some of the best times i’ve had this year, while I'm not jamming i am usually outside taking photos of whatever i can get my hands on. I’m excited to get back to camp this summer and have the best summer can't wait to see you all there !!

I try to be as environmentally friendly when I can, taking an environmental science class has taught me tons about conserving energy and proper waste disposal, so whenever I leave anywhere I check if any taps are running as well as lights on in the house

Figgi :


Hey! I’m Figgi. This is my 8th year at Camp Kawartha! I’m super excited for my first year on staff, and I think this summer is going to be really fun. My favourite camp activity is sailing, and I’m really excited for the canoe trips as well. Outside of camp I spend most of my time snowboarding and trying to learn all the Led Zeppelin guitar solos I can.

I live green by trying to use as little electricity/water as I can around my house!

Cappadis :


Hello everyone my name is Cappadis, this will be my first summer at Camp Kawartha super excited!! I am from Barrie ON, but moved to the Kawartha Lakes 2 years ago and I really like it. I have my Recreation and Leisure Diploma. I am looking forward to working with a great group of people, making memories that will last a lifetime. I love sports, and coaching a variety of sports, that’s what I do during the school year.

I recycle everything and I manage my electricity and water when at home.

Newton :


Hi everyone! I am one the male camp counsellors here at Camp Kawartha. This is my first year at camp and am super excited about being here. I am an avid outdoors person and a maple syrup enthusiast. Here’s hoping for an amazing summer!

I bring my reusable mug and water-bottle wherever I go. I also make a habit of walking whenever I can

Grannie :


Hello buddies!
This is my first year being on staff of Camp Kawartha. Ever since I first came to this camp as a camper I thought about how amazing it would be to be a counselor, and what I would do if I became one, and now I have that honour. I loved Camp Kawartha from the start because it was such an accepting and enjoyable place, and there was never a dull moment. I am going into grade 12 at John Polanyi Collegiate Institute in Toronto after the summer is through, and I’m looking forward to graduating next year. I enjoy to play sports in my free time, especially hockey, track, and flag football. I also read frequently, enjoy statistics, and nap a lot (when I have time). I am looking forward to this summer and am sure it’ll be one of the best of my life.

Some ways that I stay greener are by remembering the three “R”s, reduce, reuse, recycle. I also never use plastic straws and avoid other plastic things.

Day Camp

Rafiki : Assistant Day Camp Director


Assistant Day Camp Director

Hi, my name is Rafiki and this will be my second summer at Camp Kawartha! During the year I work as an admissions assessor at The University of Toronto. In my spare time I like to get out of the city and enjoy time with friends in the outdoors! I also love attempting new arts & crafts projects as often as I can. I’m looking forward to a change of scenery and pace for the summer and I can’t wait to spend it with such an enthusiastic group!

I live greener by walking to work, using reusable containers and water bottles and trying to cook meat free meals. I believe environmental education is so important and as a student at UofT I made sure to take a variety of environment courses and encouraged my friends to do the same!/p>

Marquis :


Hi everyone! This will be my eighth summer here at Camp Kawartha and third on staff. I’ve spent this past school year travelling around Europe by myself trying to see as much as I can before heading off to the University of Toronto next year. Travelling this year has really helped me grow as a person and I’ve been learning a lot about the world around me. I’m so happy to be back with day camp this summer, I know we’ll have lots of fun! Camp is such a fun and supportive place where everyone is encouraged to be who they are and I’ve learned so much from my time here. I’m super excited to be coming back home to camp and get to know all of our campers this summer!

Camp has taught me to put in an extra effort everywhere I go to try and make the world a better place! I try to live greener by walking anywhere I need to go or using public transportation. I also always use my reusable water bottle and food containers.

Humphree :


Hello everyone. This year will be my sixth year working at a camp and my first here at camp Kawartha! This coming fall i will be attending Trent university in the social work program. Outside of school and work my hobbies are swimming, rugby, and reading. I am so excited for the camp season to start and getting to know the camp and everyone. See you at day camp!!!

As far as green living goes i take the time to recycle properly and manage water and electricity use by taking shorter showers and bundling up instead of turning the heat up

Ribbit :


Hi everyone! This summer will be my 9th year at Camp Kawartha but my first year on staff. I'm beyond excited to be a part of the amazing team of counselors and to work with day camp! I am going into my last year of high school and hope to go to University the year after. Camp Kawartha has been by far the greatest experience of my life. The campers AND staff make CK as amazing as it is. Everyone is always so inclusive, outgoing and understanding. People begin to feel more and more like family each day. I've learned so many things since I was 8 years old about so many different things. I love being in the outdoors and CK has so many opportunities to be in the sun. I have recently been volunteering in my community's art gallery, where I help run art therapy classes for kids with ADHD or ADD. I've recently discovered another art therapy class they run that works with kids who have Autism spectrum disorder. I found both of these classes so interesting and completely different. I have a great love for art and in fact, want to go into art therapy as a career. As far as camp activities, I'm all for arts and crafts!! I love archery, land sports, swimming, and of course trip!! I can't wait to meet my first group of day campers, I hope to see you there.

As far as keeping it green, I believe the little things really count. I try to keep my showers short, make sure the washing machine is completely full before running a load, and separate garbage from recycling.


Cathy Romano, RN (aka “Fleet”) : Health Care Coordinator

Cathy Romano, RN (aka “Fleet”)

Health Care Coordinator

Parents who send their children to camp are allowing the “village” to be involved with the raising of their child. We take that responsibility very seriously at Camp Kawartha.

As the Camp Kawartha Health Care Coordinator and parent of 4 adult children, I know the importance of having staff prepared for the unexpected. I have been involved at CK for 19 years and have seen our procedures and policies evolve to ensure all of our staff are prepared to care for your children.

I was the camp nurse for a few years and then developed the role of Health Care Coordinator. I spent 10 years on the Camp Kawartha Board of Directors, both as a member and then the President. To say my heart is at Camp Kawartha, is an understatement.

I ensure all staff are trained in CPR and First Aid. Our tripping staff have Wilderness First Aid. We have an AED on site. Staff are trained on anaphylaxis, tick removal and recognizing issues that need further investigation.

We offer a quality Health Care Program at Camp Kawartha and I am thrilled to be working with fantastic Registered Nurses and a Registered Practical Nurse most returning for the 5th, 6th and even 13th year. We also have a nurses assistant (presently at university doing her RN training) that stays throughout the summer. Our camp physician is off site and will see our campers if the nurse deems it necessary. Both the Lakefield Clinic and the Peterborough Regional Health Centre are utilized if our physician is not available.

My work outside of camp is working as a staff RN in the Emergency Department at Peterborough Regional Health Centre and also with Health Canada in First Nations communities in Northern Ontario. I also run my own company, LOL First Aid and CPR. I teach CPR, First Aid and Pediatric Advanced Life Saving skills. I am confident that everyone that sets foot on Camp Kawartha property is in good hands.

Thank for choosing Camp Kawartha. You can be assured that your children are in good hands.

Living green is not hard. The first R is Reduce and I do that by avoiding impulse shopping and only purchase those things that are necessary. I also love hanging my laundry outside.

Besha Dervishi, RN : Week 1 (Session A)

Besha Dervishi, RN

Week 1 (Session A)

Anne Struthers, RN (aka “Nelope”) : Week 2 (Session B)

Anne Struthers, RN (aka “Nelope”)

Week 2 (Session B)

Hi Campers! My name is Anne Struthers and I am a Registered Nurse and I work in the ER department at the Owen Sound Hospital and I am excited to be returning to Camp Kawartha for my 8th summer! I love my camp experience and look forward to returning each year! Camp is a great opportunity to get out of a building and into the field with great staff and awesome campers! I love the great outdoors and I continue on my long hike of the Bruce Trail. There are many other outdoor activities that I love to do swimming, canoeing, biking etc but my primary purpose while I am at camp is to ensure the safety and well being of the campers and staff! I always say "Safety First!"

My green initiatives are hanging out laundry, recycling and trying to avoid using hydro at peak times.

Pat Elder, RPN (aka “Scholls”) : Week 3 (Session B)

Pat Elder, RPN (aka “Scholls”)

Week 3 (Session B)

Amie Elliott, RN (aka “Tetonic”) : Week 4 (Session C)

Amie Elliott, RN (aka “Tetonic”)

Week 4 (Session C)

This will be my sixth summer at Camp Kawartha as a nurse, and I can't recall how many years I spent here as a camper. I am a Registered Nurse and hold my ENCC specialty certificate in Emergency Nursing. My time is split between working in the emergency department of the Ross Memorial Hospital in Lindsay, and my other career working as a veterinarian. I spend most of the year looking forward to returning to Camp Kawartha, just as much as I did when I was a camper.

I am a firm believer in the One Health concept. Our health is intricately tied to that of our environment. As such, I do my best to be mindful of my impact on the environment. Turning off lights and electronics when they are not in use, as well as recycling and reusing are ways I try to minimize my impact.

Lil Hirdes, RN (aka “Coach”) : Week 5 & 6 (Session D)

Lil Hirdes, RN (aka “Coach”)

Week 5 & 6 (Session D)

Hi! I’m Lil “Coach” Hirdes and I will be the Nurse for Session D this summer. This is my 13th year at Camp Kawartha and I am so excited I’m counting down the weeks! I enjoy the two week sessions at camp so much because I really get to know the campers and I’ve been around so long, I’ve watched at least half the counselors grow up there too! (although at camp there are no hard rules about growing up….we all get to be kids while we’re there).

I am so proud to be part of Camp Kawartha I wanted to be involved all year round, so this year I have joined the Board of Directors and I get to learn about all sorts of new aspects of Camp and how we can all be Stewards for the environment every day of the year. My picture shows me next to a planter at work, which we did as part of a contest, and our planter is designed as Pooh’s honey pot and will hopefully attract pollinators to it. It gives me a chance to share our environmental message at work too!

I use rain barrels at home to water my gardens, I shop at the local farmer’s market for local and organic products and I turn out the lights when I don’t really need them, or when I leave the room.

Eileen Ryan, RN : Week 7 (Session E/E1)

Eileen Ryan, RN

Week 7 (Session E/E1)

To live green, I recycle, do my laundry at "off peak" hours, use environmentally friendly cleaning products and use LED bulbs and energy efficient appliances.

Theresa Morris, RN : Week 8 (Session E/E2)

Theresa Morris, RN

Week 8 (Session E/E2)

My "Green Efforts" are that I make bread, cookies and yogurt at home to avoid all the packaging these foods come and all the additives they gather in their commercial preparation!

Dotseeay : Nurse's Assistant


Nurse's Assistant

Hey everyone, my name is Dotseeay and I am the nursing assistant for the summer! I have never had the chance to attend Camp Kawartha so I cannot wait for the opportunity to be a part of such an amazing camp this year. I currently attend Trent University and am entering my fourth year of the nursing program. I have a passion for pediatric nursing and I hope to work at the Alberta Children’s Hospital when I am finished my schooling! I love coaching children’s soccer and I currently work with children with developmental delays. When I have free time, I usually spend it at the farm hiking, riding and relaxing with the animals. I am so excited for this summer and look forward to meeting everyone soon!

In order to minimize my carbon footprint and support local farmers, I attend the Peterborough Farmers Market on a weekly basis so I can buy local, organic, in-season food right from the farmer’s hands.


Tina Barnes : Food Services Manager

Tina Barnes

Food Services Manager

I love being at camp around all the youthful energy and surrounded by nature. I am passionate about cooking and feeding people simple, healthy, tasty, unprocessed food made from local ingredients. This year I'm super excited about our Thank a Farmer Program, using local, organic produce from our garden and local farms.

My family and I have made a conscious effort to reduce, reuse and recycle. I love making my own home made household cleaners (vinegar with orange peel!) and beauty products (coconut oil!), we turn off the lights and appliances as we go and I pick up garbage in the local parks while I walk my dog.

Alan Tighe :

Alan Tighe

I am heading into my 5th year here at Camp Kawartha and am so proud to work alongside a great team of energized and thoughtful people of various ages and backgrounds who work tirelessly to ensure that our campers and visitors feel welcome. In the kitchen we strive each day to maintain a connection to a sustainable practice by choosing healthy ingredients in our meals at camp. These efforts include working with local farms and farmers to get the best possible fresh foods delivered to our kitchen, or taking full advantage of the beautiful landscape here at camp with our greenhouses and gardens that grow much of our own produce and fresh herbs used in our kitchen daily. I am also especially proud of our efforts to reduce food waste with our various composting programs and reduce our carbon footprint.

Margaret Bonigut :

Margaret Bonigut

Consuelo Charles :

Consuelo Charles

Draxx : Kitchen Liaison


Kitchen Liaison

Hi! This is the 7th summer I will be spending at camp and my second on staff! I am very much looking forward to getting started this June; I will be working in the kitchen as Liaison! Camp is one of my favourite places in the world and I stoked to get to spend another summer back here. This year I’ve been incredibly busy studying engineering at McMaster University so camp will be a really nice change of pace/lifestyle for me. Looking forward to doing all of my favourite camp things, meet all the new people, and of course washing some serious dish yo!

Reducing my impact on the environment is something I’ve come to be very passionate about because of camp. Some of the things I do in my day-to-day life to try and reduce my impact are: using a reusable water bottle, biking as my primary (and pretty much only) source of transportation, taking cold-short showers, and reducing my consumption of products (ie food, clothing etc.) that are made in, or shipped in from, counties outside of North America.

Bruffin : Prep Cook


Prep Cook

Dolomedes : Prep Cook


Prep Cook

Hey everyone! My name’s Dolomedes and this will be my 5th wonderful summer at Camp Kawartha and my first on staff! I could not be more excited for camp this summer, it’s always the highlight of my year. Outside of camp I’ve had quite an exciting year! I’ve spent the past 4 months working and traveling around Australia!! During my time away i had the chance to do so many great things like traveling the great ocean road, visiting national parks and getting to feed kangaroos and koalas! It was one of the best thing I’ve ever done and travelling on my own has taught me so many life lessons. In September I’m headed to Fanshawe college in London for environmental technology, so I still have a number of adventures ahead of me! Between now and college will be another amazing summer spent at camp and I’m sure it’ll be another great one! I'm looking forward to meeting all campers this summer!

How i live green: My family and I are very big on environmental preservation, at home we try to do everything from turning the lights off as much as we can to recycling and composting. I try to take the bus or walk as much as I can when i'm in the city to help save on gas and our carbon footprint.

Tribbiani : Dishwasher



Hey! This is my 6th year at Camp Kawartha and my first as a Staff member! During the months i'm not at camp, i'm at Rosedale Heights School of the Arts. I'm currently in grade 11 and am enjoying it so much! I love drawing, painting, dancing, playing guitar, and acting (but most importantly, being at Camp Kawartha). This is going to be such a great year at camp! I'm excited to see old faces and new faces alike

. I live a greener life by walking or taking public transportation to school everyday, and recycling whenever possible.

Rivers : Dishwasher



Hey! This will be my first year at Camp Kawartha, and I’m super excited! I’m currently in grade 11 at T.A. Blakelock High School in Oakville. This past year, I’ve been working with mentally and physically disabled children during my lunch break at school, to make sure that they are having fun and being safe. In addition to that, I also lead my schools Me to We club, where we participate in different initiatives, and donate any money that we raise to help people across the world have better access to things like water and education. I’m very happy to be a part of Camp Kawartha, and I can’t wait until summer!

I try to live green by walking wherever I can, and by carrying a reusable water bottle with me all the time!

Gicibi : Dishwasher



Last year, I completed the LIT Program at Camp Kawartha, where I learned valuable skills and made great memories and friends. I’m thrilled to be returning to Camp Kawartha this summer as a staff member. I will be a dishwasher this summer and I plan on being one of the best dishwashers Camp Kawartha has ever seen. Outside of camp, I am currently attending Lawrence Park C.I. in Toronto and I will be starting Grade 12 in September.

. I love the outdoors and have enjoyed several years as a participant and volunteer in Scouts Canada programs. I also love technology but am very much looking forward to a couple of months being unplugged at Camp Kawartha.

Year-round Office Staff

Diesel : Administrative Assistant


Administrative Assistant

Hello parents and campers! And congratulations on making it to the bottom of staff profile page. I am back in the office doing office things this summer. Although not quite the rush of being a counsellor it's still great to be at camp and be a part of what goes on here. It's only May but I can tell were in for another amazing summer! I have just finished my third year at Queen's University in Engineering and i'm loving it. Although not quite enough to commit to an engineering job yet i guess, camp is still on top!

To help the environment I reduce my impact. I do this primarily by using my bike or walking for transportation.

Shawna Foxton : Registrar, Outdoor Education Centre (Schools & Groups)

Shawna Foxton

Registrar, Outdoor Education Centre (Schools & Groups)

Shawna cannot remember a time when she did not want a career working with animals. After obtaining her BSc in Physical Anthropology from U of T, she pursued primate research in Hong Kong and Central America and worked as a zoo keeper looking after elephants and pygmy hippos at the Toronto Zoo (hence the nickname “Pygmy” ) as well as the African Lion Safari where she honed her skills chasing naughty baboons off tour buses. Life changed to studying primates of a different sort when she landed a job in the newsroom of Citytv in Toronto where she held roles such as researcher, news writer, web manager, administrative supervisor and unit production manager for 16 years. Craving a little bit less adrenaline, she moved to her cabin in the woods a few years ago and serendipitously found a position in the office at Camp Kawartha where she enjoys encouraging schools and other groups to make a booking at this magical and meaningful facility.
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James White : Registrar, Summer Camp and Environment Centre

James White

Registrar, Summer Camp and Environment Centre

James is our most recent addition to the CK office team and will be stepping into the role of Summer Camp and Environment Centre Registrar. James has a deep passion for the outdoors and can often be found with his head in a book beside a large body of water. He is a Trent University graduate and has over six years of customer service experience working in the hotel industry. Having made hundreds of reservations for hotel guests, James is accustomed to managing the chaos that can be mass-registration and has considerable experience working with both parents and children to facilitate sporting and family-based events. Now looking to put down roots and settle down, James is keen to share his experience on a more personal level and looks forward to meeting and expanding the Camp Kawartha family. Whether you are a returning camper, first time camper or a group or school looking to visit our incredible Environment Centre, James is here to help however he can and hopes to hear from you soon.


Karen Copson : Administrative/IT Coordinator, Webmaster, & Giftshop

Karen Copson

Administrative/IT Coordinator, Webmaster, & Giftshop

Karen has 30+ years experience in office administration. She is a graduate of Fleming College with a diploma in Business Administration - Information Systems, and has certificates in Bookkeeping and Web Site Design. Karen has a wealth of computer knowledge and skills including computer programming, networking, software training and consulting, database management, and web site design (hence the camp name "Gates"). Karen works behind the scenes drawing on her skills and experiences to help streamline and improve administrative processes for our organization and maintain Camp Kawartha's website. She is a Bronze, Silver and Gold Award Recipient of The Duke of Edinburgh's Award, and completed her gold level expedition by hiking the Pennine Hills of Scotland in her younger years. Karen has worked with Camp Kawartha since 2002, and is currently a member of the Women’s Business Network of Peterborough, and a volunteer committee member for the Kawartha Chamber of Commerce & Tourism.
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Paige Mahoney-Nagle : Communications Coordinator

Paige Mahoney-Nagle

Communications Coordinator

Paige has been happily involved with Camp Kawartha for more than 15 years and just can’t stay away. So even though she has now moved to Perth, Ontario she is still very happy to continue along with her Camp Kawartha family in the new role of Communications Coordinator. With an extensive background in summer camp (camper, staff (Burnzy) & registrar!), a love of environmental and outdoor education and now several years experience in social media and photography she is so excited to continue to share on behalf of Camp Kawartha, everything from the day to day happenings to the exciting future endeavours CK is embarking on. When she’s not online you can find her knitting, reading, out in fields exploring or working on building a house with her husband.
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