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Health Care during Summer Camp

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Why have a Camp Nurse

Camp Kawartha is proud to maintain the standards set forth, and be accredited by the Ontario Camps Association, in having registered nursing professionals (Registered Nurse or Registered Practical Nurse) on-site, 24/7 during the summer camp. Camp Kawartha has three healthcare roles: the Healthcare Coordinator, the Summer Camp Nurse, and the Summer Camp Nursing Assistant.

Health Care Coordinator Role

The Health Care Coordinator is a role unique to Camp Kawartha, and is responsible for creating, developing, and implementing standard, protocols, and policies year-round. The Health Care Coordinator ensures the Health Centre is stocked with over-the-counter medications, Epi-pens, and medical supplies ready for use for Pre-camp training. The Health Care Coordinator hires and coordinates all registered nurses and nursing assistant(s) for each summer camp session. Prior to each summer camp session, all health forms of campers are reviewed and consultation occurs with the parents and the Summer Camp Director to determine if the camper’s health needs can be met by Camp Kawartha. The Health Care Coordinator also assists the camp nurse in managing and maintaining all health records at Camp Kawartha. Prior to camp, the Health Care Coordinator provides health and CPR and First Aid Training of all summer staff during pre-camp training. In addition, extra training is provided to Tripping Staff in regards to anaphylaxis and tripping protocols. Throughout camp, the Health Care Coordinator prepares and maintains all First Aid kits (e.g. fanny packs, tripping packs, range and archery packs). For Outdoor Education, all Outdoor Educators and support staff are trained in CPR/First Aid and assistance is provided with any health concerns.

Summer Camp Nurse Role

The Summer Camp Nurse must be a member in good standing with the College of Nurses of Ontario (CNO) and must maintain CNO standards at all times (e.g. maintaining health records and proper documentation). The Camp Nurse meets with parents on Registration Day and on an as-needs basis. Throughout camp, the Camp Nurse assesses campers and staff to determine and help treat/manage health care needs. On Registration Day, each counsellor receives a short health summary of each camper and confidentiality issues are discussed. When Camp Kawartha receives campers from parents, the Camp Nurse creates a Medication Administration Record and is available to hold individual meetings with parents regarding any health concerns they may have. During camp, the Camp Nurse is responsible for pre-trip checks (are the campers healthy enough to go on the trip? What medications do they need?) and post-trip checks (are there any health concerns? Is further medical attention necessary?). The Camp Nurse also provides support and guidance in areas including children management, emotional and mental health support and counselling, maintaining confidentiality of campers and staff, and the overall health and wellness of Camp. Using sound clinical judgment, the Camp Nurse determines if further medical attention needs to be sought (e.g. medical doctor, hospital visit). The Camp Nurse assists kitchen staff in maintaining a safe and clean environment and with information regarding food allergies. Finally, the Camp Nurse helps maintain the health and well-being of Camp Kawartha, providing education and information to all individuals on camp property with regards to healthcare and health issues, and overseeing all homeopathic, prescribed, and over-the-counter medications for campers.

Nurse’s Assistant Role

The Nurse’s Assistant primarily works alongside the Camp Nurse and is responsible for familiarizing him/herself with the Health Centre, including medical supplies, paperwork and documentation, and resources, and acts as a liaison with office staff to ensure all health forms for the campers have been received. The Nurse’s Assistant also takes part in all staff training and educating. On registration day, the Nurse’s Assistant helps the Camp Nurse with morning staff meetings, meeting parents and organizing camper medications and camper health concerns, and lice checks and treatment. Finally, the Nurse’s Assistant helps with managing the health clinic, first aid, foot care, and sick care.

Health & Safety

Camp Kawartha is dedicated to the health and safety of its clients and team. Our priority is to keep all members of Camp Kawartha safe, therefore we do our best to reduce risks as much as possible. Many of these risks are part of the natural environment and as a result are not entirely preventable (and in some cases, are not preventable at all). Our goal in providing this information is to inform and educate ourselves about the natural hazards at Camp Kawartha. In doing so, we also wish to inform our clients (aka you!) about these natural hazards and what we are doing to try and reduce or prevent them from occurring. To that end, you will find brief summaries of some natural hazards and the policies and procedures in place should something occur.

Natural Hazards

Information Sheets