Camp Kawartha

Water Stewardship

Water is as life giving as it is fragile. Over 70% of the earth’s surface is covered with water. And yet, the amount of fresh water available for humans to use is a mere 1%. In this hands-on program, students use an interactive watershed model to learn about the importance of watersheds in maintaining water quality. They also participate in a variety of hands-on, investigative activities to assess water quality and the biodiversity of a local watershed.

Season Availability: Fall, Spring

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Grade 8 : Science Curriculum Links *

Understanding Earth and Space Systems: Water Systems

Overall Expectations
1.   assess the impact of human activities and technologies on the sustainability of water resources;
2.   investigate factors that affect local water quality;
3.   demonstrate an understanding of the characteristics of the earth’s water systems and the influence of water systems on a specific region

Specific Expectations
1.1   evaluate personal water consumption, compare it with personal water consumption in other countries, and propose a plan of action to reduce personal water consumption to help address water sustainability issues
1.3   assess the impact on local and global water systems of a scientific discovery or technological innovation
2.1   follow established safety procedures for the use of apparatus and chemicals
2.3   test water samples for a variety of chemical characteristics
2.4   use scientific inquiry/research skills (see page 15) to investigate local water issues
2.6   use appropriate science and technology vocabulary, including water table, aquifer, polar ice-cap, and salinity, in oral and written communication
3.2   demonstrate an understanding of the watershed as a fundamental geographic unit, and explain how it relates to water management and planning
3.3   explain how human and natural factors cause changes in the water table

* Curriculum links & expectations for this program are based on “The Ontario Curriculum, Grades 1-8: Science and Technology”