Camp Kawartha


sensoramaOne of the best ways to facilitate a life long appreciation for natural places is to enhance a child’s sensory awareness. Based on the ground-breaking “acclimatization” work of Steve Van Matre, these activities encourage children to explore the natural environment by using all of their senses. Tune into the soundscape of a field and listen to richly textured nature sounds with specially constructed animal ears and reproduce this experience in an eco-symphony. This is just one example of the many activities in this imaginative and interactive program. A wonderful program for younger grades!

Season Availability: Fall, Winter, Spring

Feel free to contact us about modifying any of our outdoor education programs to suit older or younger students.

Grade 1 : Science Curriculum Links

Understanding Life Systems: Needs and Characteristics of Living Things

Overall Expectations
2.   investigate needs and characteristics of plants and animals, including humans;
3.   demonstrate an understanding of the basic needs and characteristics of plants and animals, including humans

Specific Expectations
2.1   follow established safety procedures and humane practices during science and technology investigations
2.5   investigate characteristics of parts of the human body, including the five sense organs, and explain how those characteristics help humans meet their needs and explore the world
around them, using a variety of methods and resources 3.3 identify the location and function of major parts of the human body, including sense organs