Camp Kawartha

Healthy Food

“The healthiest food” argued writer Wendell Berry “is the shortest distance from the Earth to your mouth.”

In this program, children will learn where their food comes from through interactive and educational activities. They’ll visit our organic garden and solar straw bale greenhouse. Students will harvest fresh herbs and they’ll make a healthy snack. Students will also learn how to read nutrition labels properly and how to interpret Canada’s Food Guide. Subjects such as the benefits of an active lifestyle, healthy eating and local food will be emphasized so that students can make more informed choices the next time they are choosing their meals.

Season Availability: Fall, Spring

Feel free to contact us about modifying any of our outdoor education programs to suit older or younger students.

Grades 3 -8: Health & Physical Education Curriculum Links

Healthy Living

C1.   demonstrate an understanding of factors that contribute to healthy development;
C2.   demonstrate the ability to apply health knowledge and living skills to make reasoned decisions and take appropriate actions relating to their personal health and well-being;
C3.   demonstrate the ability to make connections that relate to health and well-being – how their choices and behaviours affect both themselves and others, and how factors in the world around them affect their own and others’ health and well-being.