Camp Kawartha

Be a Bird Brain


Every day experiences can become unique, if you approach them with a new perspective. Help your students gain an entirely new perspective on birds, with this engaging, hands-on bird program. Learn how birds protect themselves from danger, participate in some intricate bird dances and sing with the birds using tapes and special bird callers. We’ll watch birds forage at the feeders and we’ll stalk wild birds in the woods with binoculars. Let us take away some of the dryness associated with bird watching, by giving your students a taste of our bird program.

Season Availability: Fall, Winter, Spring

Feel free to contact us about modifying any of our outdoor education programs to suit older or younger students.

Grade 2 : Science Curriculum Links *

Understanding Life Systems – Growth and Changes in Animals

Overall Expectations
2.   investigate similarities and differences in the characteristics of various animals;
3.   demonstrate an understanding that animals grow and change and have distinct characteristics.

Grade 4 : Science Curriculum Links *

Understanding Life Systems – Habitats and Communities

Overall Expectations
2.   investigate the interdependence of plants and animals within specific habitats and communities;
3.   demonstrate an understanding of habitats and communities and the relationships among the plants and animals that live in them.

Specific Expectations
2.2   build food chains consisting of different plants and animals, including humans
2.3   use scientific inquiry/research skills (see page 15) to investigate ways in which plants and animals in a community depend on features of their habitat to meet important needs
2.5   use appropriate science and technology vocabulary, including habitat, population, community, adaptation, and food chain, in oral and written communication
3.3   identify factors (e.g., availability of water or food, amount of light, type of weather) that affect the ability of plants and animals to survive in a specific habitat
3.4   demonstrate an understanding of a community as a group of interacting species sharing a common habitat
3.7   describe structural adaptations that allow plants and animals to survive in specific habitats

* Curriculum links & expectations for this program are based on “The Ontario Curriculum, Grades 1-8: Science and Technology”