Camp Kawartha

Am I Alive?

Living things move and grow, right? A stick floating down the river moves and a crystal grows – but are they alive? In this interactive program, primary students explore the world of living and non-living things via a scavenger hunt. To reinforce the difference between living and non-living things, we end the program by planting seeds and growing crystals for the classroom. As both the crystals and plants change over time, children can be challenged to ponder what it means to be part of the living world.

Season Availability: Fall, Spring

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Grade 1 : Science Curriculum Links *

Understanding Life Systems – Needs and Characteristics of Living Things

Overall Expectations
2.   investigate needs and characteristics of plants and animals, including humans;
3.   demonstrate an understanding of the basic needs and characteristics of plants and animals, including humans.

Specific Expectations
2.1   follow established safety procedures and humane practices during science and technology investigations
2.2   investigate and compare the basic needs of humans and other living things, including the need for air, water, food, warmth, and space, using a variety of methods and resources
2.3   investigate and compare the physical characteristics of a variety of plants and animals, including humans
2.4   investigate the physical characteristics of plants (e.g., basic parts, size, shape, colour) and explain how they help the plant meet its basic needs (e.g., roots anchor the plant and help provide the plant with food and water; some plants have brightly coloured flowers to attract bees), using a variety of methods and resources
2.6   use appropriate science and technology vocabulary, including investigation, explore, needs, space, and food, in oral and written communication
3.5   describe how showing care and respect for all living things helps to maintain a healthy environment
3.6   identify what living things provide for other living things

* Curriculum links & expectations for this program are based on “The Ontario Curriculum, Grades 1-8: Science and Technology”