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Our daily operations are managed by year-round professional staff.

Jacob Rodenburg : Executive Director

Jacob Rodenburg

Executive Director

Jacob has taught in the field of Outdoor Education for more than 20 years. He is currently the Executive Director of Camp Kawartha, a summer camp and outdoor education centre. In 2010, Jacob received the Award for Leadership in Environmental Education by the Ontario Society of Environmental Educators, offered annually to one or more persons who have demonstrated outstanding leadership in Environmental Education for at least five years.   In 2007, he was awarded the Richards Education Award for excellence in Natural History Education from Ontario Nature.  He teaches several courses at Trent University in education and environmental education.  Jacob graduated from Trent University with a joint major in environmental studies and geography. He holds a teacher’s certificate and a Master’s in Education.  He has published a number of articles on children, nature and the environment.   Jacob recently spearheaded the construction of one of Canada’s most sustainable buildings at Trent University.  This unique environment centre will teach children and future teachers about sustainable living practices, alternative energy and conservation.
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Adam Strasberg (aka “Wham”) : Summer Camp Director

Adam Strasberg (aka “Wham”)

Summer Camp Director

I came to Camp Kawartha back in 2003 and it was one of the best decisions of my life! Now, I'm coming up on year 14, and I still get the same rush for camp as I did back in 2003.  Much of my reward comes from working with such an awesome staff and our families that value camp just as much as I do!  I've been a qualified teacher since 1996. I love Camp Kawartha because it puts such a high premium on having a positive attitude and being a role model.

We pride ourselves on environmental sustainability and teaching these lessons to our campers - our future leaders. Camp is about having fun, making lasting friendships, and building character. I cannot imagine spending my summer in any other place. I'm looking forward to a wonderful summer in 2016, meeting new campers and seeing old faces.

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Karen Copson : Administrative Coordinator & Webmaster

Karen Copson

Administrative Coordinator & Webmaster

Karen has over 30 years experience in office administration, customer service and bookkeeping. She is a graduate of Fleming College with a diploma in Business Administration - Information Systems, and has certificates in Bookkeeping and Web Site Design. Karen has a wealth of computer knowledge and skills including computer programming, networking, software training and consulting, database management, and web site design (hence the camp name "Gates"). She has instructed part-time evening courses at Fleming college in basic HTML/CSS and Dreamweaver.  Karen is a Bronze, Silver and Gold Award Recipient of The Duke of Edinburgh's Award, and completed her gold level expedition by hiking the Pennine Hills of Scotland in her younger years. Karen has been with Camp Kawartha since 2002, and has drawn on her skills and experiences to help streamline administrative processes, work with team members to brainstorm new ideas, and maintain Camp Kawartha's website.
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Shawna Foxton : Registrar, Outdoor Education Centre (Schools & Groups)

Shawna Foxton

Registrar, Outdoor Education Centre (Schools & Groups)

Shawna cannot remember a time when she did not want a career working with animals. After obtaining her BSc in Physical Anthropology from U of T, she pursued primate research in Hong Kong and Central America and worked as a zoo keeper looking after elephants and pygmy hippos at the Toronto Zoo (hence the nickname “Pygmy” ) as well as the African Lion Safari where she honed her skills chasing naughty baboons off tour buses. Life changed to studying primates of a different sort when she landed a job in the newsroom of Citytv in Toronto where she held roles such as researcher, news writer, web manager, administrative supervisor and unit production manager for 16 years. Craving a little bit less adrenaline, she moved to her cabin in the woods a few years ago and serendipitously found a position in the office at Camp Kawartha where she enjoys encouraging schools and other groups to make a booking at this magical and meaningful facility.
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Paige Mahoney-Nagle : Registrar, Summer Camp and Environment Centre

Paige Mahoney-Nagle

Registrar, Summer Camp and Environment Centre

Paige is so happy to be back at Camp Kawartha! After 9 years as a camper and 2 years as Summer Camp Staff (Burnsy) working with everything from Day Camp to Leadership, she is a fantastic resource for all things Summer Camp. She has extensive experience in administration, customer service and child care. Working in aquatics, pharmacy, as a nanny and several administrative roles she has lots of experience organizing chaos and is happy to do so. It is an absolute pleasure to speak with campers and parents about sending kids to camp as she is so passionate that it is such a great learning experience and really makes a difference in creating confident, independent and caring young people. She is also very excited to facilitate bookings for one of Canada's most sustainable buildings, the Camp Kawartha Environment Centre in Peterborough. Paige is happy to spend her spare time with a good book, knitting needles and wool or in any body of water swimming the day away.

Craig Brant : Environment Centre Manager

Craig Brant

Environment Centre Manager

Craig has degrees in Arts and Environmental Education, 10 years of experience in the field of outdoor/environmental education and a strong foundation in the world of summer camps. He is a naturalist working towards what he calls “a black belt in nature”! Craig loves sharing the beauty, freedom and the adventure he finds in the outdoors with people of all ages – especially youth. As the Manager for the new Camp Kawartha Environment Centre and as an Outdoor Educator for Camp Kawartha, Craig is working to create positive ties between the community, the people, and the natural world.
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Neil Fortin : Head of Outdoor Education Centre

Neil Fortin

Head of Outdoor Education Centre

As the head of Outdoor Education, Neil has had 10 years experience in the field of Outdoor Education. He is a graduate of McMaster University and holds a diploma in Forest Recreation from Sir Sandford Fleming College. From his work at Camp Tawingo, Presqu'ile Provincial Park and Pococno Environmental Education Centre and other facilities, he is known as a remarkable story teller with a wealth of natural history knowledge. He has a back pocket full of games and activities that he draws on constantly. Kids love his dynamic teaching style and his enthusiasm.